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Nacon Revolution X Pro review

Earlier this year, we checked on Nacon’s Xbox Pro Compact controller, calling it “surprisingly skilful”. Also, presently, its greater, much more gifted, kin is out in the wild.

The Nacon Revolution X Pro regulator is situated to rival the Xbox Elite regulator; this is a cushion that accomplishes in excess of a swamp standard regulator does, and with more artfulness. It flaunts extra programmable buttons on the back, permits clients to set various profiles, and even accompanies programming to finely-tune each information. This isn’t a regulator for your typical client, then.

It’s likewise £60 less expensive than an authority Xbox Elite regulator. Furthermore, it maybe packs considerably a larger number of fancy odds and ends in its bundle than Microsoft’s contribution does. We’re not quite sold on the form quality (however it feels good to hold – yet we’ll discuss that in more detail presently), yet assuming you need a genuinely customisable encounter, regulators truly don’t come far superior to this.


Being a formally authorized item, the Nacon Revolution X Pro has each of the buttons you’d hope to find on a Xbox regulator. The ABXY are on the whole the right tones, the focal Xbox button is by and large the thing you’d expect, and there’s even the ‘share’ button you’ll currently find on fresher Xbox Series X/S cushions. The thumbsticks are situated where you’d expect on a Xbox regulator (for example with the left thumbstick higher than the right), and the shoulder fastens and sets off are a natural shape.

As such, you can get the Revolution X Pro and feel totally at ease with it. It’s truly agreeable to hold in spite of being a somewhat unique shape to an authority regulator. The extra fastens on the back are very much positioned, as well. They’re not difficult to press as they sit right where your fingers land normally – yet they’re situated so that you’re probably not going to incidentally press them.

However, the Revolution X Pro doesn’t feel quite as premium as I’d expect at its £100 cost point. In contrast with even a portion of Nacon’s different items – like its PlayStation equivalent, the Revolution Unlimited Pro – it feels very plasticky and light. A piece of that is on the grounds that this doesn’t contain an interior battery like the PlayStation regulator does, however it’s an issue that can be offset somewhat by including your decision of the provided loads to the regulator. Every one of the handles permits loads to be added – 10g, 14g or 16g – to modify the vibe in your grasp. By and by I favor a somewhat weightier regulator, however on the off chance that you incline toward something staggeringly light, that is actually the thing the Revolution X Pro is with practically no extra weights.

The programming accessible for the Revolution X Pro is especially slick. You can download it on PC by means of the Microsoft Store, or straightforwardly on your Xbox, which is exceptionally useful. If you’re familiar with the Nacon Pro Compact controller, you’ll view the product as pretty much the equivalent; you can redo the button planning, change how responsive the triggers are, tinker with vibration settings, and even change how touchy the thumbsticks are. It’s a very nice contact, and something that could be totally game-changing to the right player, and the right game.

Nacon Revolution X App

There’s one vital disadvantage to the Nacon Revolution X Pro regulator, nonetheless: it’s wired. During a time where we’re utilized to regulators being remote, it could appear to be somewhat of a downsize. Yet, assuming you’re sat adequately close to your TV it needn’t bother with to be an issue. It’s provided with an additional a long twisted USB link, and the advantage is basically you never need to stress over running out of batteries or expecting to charge. Having no inner battery likewise keeps the regulator exceptionally light, for clients who incline toward it that way.

Overall, the Nacon Revolution X Pro is an extremely decent regulator without a doubt. For the people who like additional usefulness and need to have the option to change precisely how their thumbsticks and triggers play out, no other regulator will permit them to do what this one can, thus without any problem. It’s a disgrace it’s somewhat more plasticky to the touch than we’d have loved, however it’s still clearly a superior item. Its bundling is amazing as well; it accompanies its own material holster so you can continuously store it away securely. Assuming you’re after a superior regulator for your Xbox, it’s definitely worth considering.

A Revolution X Pro Controller was given by Nacon to work with this audit.

Buy a Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller from the Nacon Gaming Store

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