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Govee Dreamview Gaming Lights Pro

The Govee DreamView G1 Pro will have a genuine effect on your gaming experience.

That might seem like a grandiose brag given that you’re basically strong a lot of LEDs to your screen (and adhering a couple close to it), however the execution makes this lighting pack worth your time and cash. Rather than simply blinding anybody who takes a gander at your arrangement, the Govee DreamView G1 Pro lights up your gaming niche in steadily changing tones to match what’s shown on your screen.

The confine that the unit shows up is shockingly little. Manuals to the side, the bundling incorporates two vertical LED bars, an adaptable LED strip, clasps to fit the strip to the rear of your screen, a fish-eye focal point that roosts on top of it, and what resembles a stack of orange post-it notes.


Set-up is generally easy – it took me close to 30 minutes altogether. All things considered, preferably you’ll require a flatscreen screen that a) is somewhere in the range of 24 and 30 inches and b) has a level back. I didn’t know about the last prerequisite early (Govee has said this’ll be on the item page when the lights send off) yet there was sufficient give that I could fit the LED strip over my screen’s back speakers.

The rest is generally simple; pop the upward LED bars on one or the other side of the screen (the manual suggests 30cm away), roost the fish-eye focal point where you’d typically put a webcam, then, at that point, plug the wires together. The last advance is adjusting the gadget by means of the Android or iOS versatile application; you pop the post-it note-formed froth cushions on, then, at that point, eliminate then when done. Then, at that point, you’re great to go.

Actually, “good” may be putting it mildly. In the right circumstance, the G1 Pro can mind-blow. The explanation the bundle incorporates an extravagant webcam is with the goal that it would be able “look” at your screen and repeat the tones it detects.

Govee Dreamview Gaming-Lights Pro

If you’re playing Grand Theft Auto V, simply cruising all over Los Santos, the G1 Pro will quietly move tones, which is a cool, loosening up impact. As a matter of fact, when there’s not a huge amount occurring on screen, the Dreamview simply praises the chill. On the off chance that you’re playing Skyrim and meandering around Whiterun, the divider behind your screen will become light green. Look into a bar’s fire and it movements to light orange.

But the Govee DreamView G1 Pro truly makes its mark when there are significant changes in scene or a great deal of commotion unfurling. I started up Dying Light: The Following and sent off myself from a precipice into the lake beneath which, in itself, was a sensational second. What truly raised that experience was that the second I hit the water, the entire divider behind my screen became blue.

The more I put the G1 Pro through some serious hardship, the more I thought about how I’d at any point managed without it. Indeed, aside from when I stupidly started up Five Nights with Freddy’s just to perceive how the G1 Pro would deal with its jumpscares. That… was not a shrewd move.

To be fair, in addition to the actual lights make the Govee Dreamview such a game-upgrading experience. The going with Govee application is similarly as magnificent; you can modify how the lights answer, make your own light examples, etc. You can utilize it with music too yet that nearly appears to be a waste.

Take DOOM, for instance. Utilizing the application I taught the Govee DreamView G1 Pro to respond to sound, set it to shoot-em-up mode, and started up iD’s 2016 evil spirit butchering semi-continuation. DOOM is intended to keep the activity streaming and your adrenaline siphoning, more so than the original.

Govee Dreamview Gaming Lights Pro

The lights, in any case, dialed things up to 11. Whenever I ventured outside onto the outer layer of Mars, my PC niche was washed in orange light. Then the devils turned up, the soundtrack kicked up and it transformed the firefight into a light show. I realized it was my prompt to quiet down when the presentation on my divider at long last settled.

That’s not to say the Govee DreamView G1 Pro is only for games where you employ a shotgun or swing a sword. In fact, I can’t see the lights being greatly effective with sporting events yet I additionally tried out a couple of repulsiveness titles, Amnesia: The Dark Descent included, and it made them simply that little more piece chilling. All things considered it demonstrated more disposition upgrading to cripple the G1 Pro sound mode.

The lights are intended to be utilized with a PC, yet nothing remains to be halted you connecting a control center to your screen’s HDMI port. I utilized a HDMI to HDMI and sound box to take care of in the sound from my Xbox Series X and it worked a treat with the lights. You can likewise match up a Google Home or Amazon Echo assuming you need to, however I haven’t attempted this out.

Govee Dreamview Gaming Lights Pro

The G1 Pro is a noteworthy piece of unit, yet is it great? No. For a beginning, assuming you need to the lights to respond to in-game sound, you’ll have to plug a sound system sound lead from your PC to the light. So assuming you’re utilizing a USB headset, you’ll have to change to a non-USB one. There may be an approach to yielding sound to USB and a speaker jack simultaneously, however I had no joy.

And while you can eliminate the lights from your screen – which you could have to do on the off chance that you supplant it, for instance – you’ll have to be careful, backing the clasps away with a screwdriver. Preferably, I’d have jumped at the chance to see Govee incorporate something like an order strip by which you can tenderly draw on piece of the cement to deliver them. That’s what I know whether I really do move these to one more screen eventually I’ll be staying them back down with order strips.

And then there’s the cost. As dazzled as I’ve been by the Govee Dreamview G1 Pro, its RRP of $179 is steep. That is barely shy of a the cost of a good gaming screen. My survey unit was free, however could I pay that much for it? Having invested energy with it, I can securely say that indeed, I would, however just when I’d beefed up the remainder of my PC arrangement first.

Govee flaunts that this unit offers “pro-level gaming immersion”, and I’m leaned to concur. It’s a strong and (on account of the application) tremendously adaptable expansion to your gaming arrangement. It’s not modest, however it makes your games more vivid than any other time. In this way, assuming you’re searching for the good to beat all cake, the Govee DreamView G1 Pro possesses all the necessary qualities perfectly.

Govee DreamView G1 Pro is accessible now from Amazon and Govee.

Thanks to Govee for furnishing us with an audit unit.

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