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EPOS H6PRO Closed Acoustic

EPOS has in practically no time secured itself as an awe-inspiring phenomenon in the gaming headset space.

We’ve as of now reviewed four headsets from EPOS in the last 12 months, and this fifth proceeds with the organization’s pattern of carrying incredibly top notch items into the gaming sound space. Last month we reviewed the EPOS H3 Hybrid, which felt hard to beat concerning sheer flexibility. This month, in any case, EPOS has delivered the H6PRO, a leader wired gaming headset that works with everything stages, doesn’t need charging, and guarantees “exceptional comfort” and an “expanded soundstage with unrivalled realism”. Be that as it may, does it deliver?

In short: yes. There is no question that the EPOS H6PRO is perhaps the most agreeable headset we’ve attempted. It has a comparative plan to the EPOS H3, and a natural shape which is presently inseparable from EPOS headsets. In any case, a utilization of premium materials across the band and around the ear cups separates this. The ear cups are additionally bigger, taking into account a more agreeable, comprehensive situation on the head – and that is without adding any perceptible load to the headset, as well. It stays lightweight, and that implies wearing the EPOS H6PRO for broadened gaming meetings is never a problem.


The huge earcups are maybe our number one thing about the H6PRO’s plan. They encompass your ears altogether, easily supporting them in a lavishly delicate case – and the full inclusion assists with expanding the reach and profundity of sounds you experience. Any reasonable person would agree that the sound result of the H6PRO is an unmistakable advance above EPOS’ last headset – it’s rich, clear and packs in a great deal of bass. Better subtleties of sounds behind the scenes are fresh, while enormous sounds like blasts feel as though they’re surrounding you. It makes for a thrilling encounter, especially while you’re playing a game that utilizes sound design.

Closed Acoustic versus Open Acoustic

One thing to note about the EPOS H6PRO is that, alongside having three unique colourways, it likewise comes in two capacity varieties: there’s an Open Acoustic headset and a Closed Acoustic headset. We’ve been sufficiently fortunate to give a shot both, and keeping in mind that the two of them offer a similar solace and extraordinary sound quality, there’s a vital contrast in their plan. You’ll see the Open Acoustic headset has a grille board outwardly of the earcups that is absent from the Closed Acoustic. This is to do with the progression of sound and air into the earcups.

The EPOS H6PRO Open Acoustic ear cup

In a nutshell, a shut acoustic headset shut out outer commotion while an open acoustic headset doesn’t. If you have any desire to hear literally nothing however the game or sound source you’re associated with, then, at that point, the H6PRO Closed Acoustic headset is most likely the ideal decision for you. Be that as it may, the Open Acoustic headset ought not be discounted right away. “Why would you want a headset that doesn’t block out external noise?”, you could think. In certain circumstances, it’s entirely valuable; maybe you actually need to hear what’s happening around you while being centered in around your game’s sound. Another advantage is that it permits an air to stream to the earcups, keeping your ears from getting excessively hot and sweaty.

This is certainly not a modest headset, as you’d likely anticipate. It has a RRP of £149, making it one of the more costly wired headsets available. Its sound and construct quality are illustrative of its sticker price, notwithstanding – to truly see the value in the sound plan of the games you’re playing, then, at that point, the EPOS H6PRO will totally convey. No, it isn’t remote, and maybe at this cost you’d anticipate that remote innovation should be available. However, for our purposes, the wired link isn’t a downside. It implies you can utilize the H6PRO with any gadget that has an earphone jack. With regards to gaming, you can flawlessly utilize it on PlayStation, Xbox, PC or Switch – a remote headset would never work across all arrangements on account of every stage having different remote prerequisites. It likewise implies you never need to stress over charging it.

H6PRO Closed Acoustic

We’re additionally beautiful enthused about the variety decisions of the H6PRO. There are three to browse: ‘Sebring Black’, ‘Racing Green’ and ‘Ghost White’. We’ve seen the highly contrasting variations in the tissue, while the hustling green, with its dark and gold features, looks extremely extraordinary and tasteful for sure. The Ghost White is slick, all white with light dark features. Furthermore, the Sebring Black is to a greater extent a gleaming dull blue rather than dark, making it stand apart a little from an ocean of dark gaming accessories.

So: on the off chance that you’re not made a big deal about remote, need outstanding sound quality and dependable solace, the EPOS H6PRO comes enthusiastically suggested by us. Focus on whether you’re getting a Closed Acoustic or Open Acoustic variety, however; both deal a similar extraordinary sound, yet if you need to be completely cut off from the rest of the world is an individual choice.

You can purchase the EPOS H6PRO now from Amazon or directly from EPOS via their website. Audit units were given by EPOS to the motivations of this review.

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