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Majority Atlas PC Soundbar

You probably won’t have known about Majority, yet this UK-based sound organization merits observing of.

Majority sent off in 2012 with a convenient Bluetooth speaker. From that point forward it’s extended to make an immense scope of sound items, including soundbars, PC speakers, DAB radios, mouthpieces and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It’s normal to be reluctant about items from a brand you’ve never known about, however in the wake of investing a few energy with Majority’s Atlas PC Soundbar and two or three different items – more surveys to come soon – I’m certain to say it’s an image you ought not be careful about. Its items are seriously valued, and gloat a quality that dominates its spending plan value point.

The Atlas PC Soundbar retails for just £24.95. However, for that you get an exceptionally slick looking unit that does definitely more than your standard arrangement of PC speakers. You can associate it to your PC and leave it be, certain, yet you can likewise interface Bluetooth gadgets to it, play music by means of USB or Micro SD stockpiling and, shockingly, it additionally has an implicit battery-powered battery. So if you would rather not use it on your PC work area, fine – haul it around the house, use it out in the nursery. Any place you need. That is damn clever, right?


Importantly, the Atlas yields a shockingly good sound, as well. The volume can go very high, however as you’d expect at this cost you will lose a touch of value the stronger you go. However, at a volume level agreeable enough to occupy a room, the Atlas sounds rich and profound. It’s not as bass-y as certain speakers, but rather at its cost point it conveys much preferred sound over you’d expect, whether you’re associated through Bluetooth or auxiliary.

My just grumbling up until this point is that, when associated by means of the 3.5mm jack, there’s a recognizable ‘hiss’ from the speakers that you’ll hear assuming the volume is turned up clearly. It’s about the main sign from the Atlas PC Soundbar that this is, truth be told, a financial plan thing. However, it isn’t adequately serious to put me off suggesting it. At the volume I’d regularly have my speakers at my work area at, it’s not discernible. Presently it’s set up around my work area, I won’t return to the swamp standard Logitech speakers I had in its place.

Majority Atlas PC Soundbar

The assemble quality is absolutely universes above what you’d anticipate from its cost. It’s smooth dark in plan, and at 45cm long, it’ll sit flawlessly under most screens, making itself at home in most PC arrangements. The volume control is viewed as in the focal point of the speaker for simple access, and on the top you’ll track down play/respite, back and forward buttons to utilize on the off chance that you’re playing music through Bluetooth or Micro SD. There’s additionally a ‘Mode’ button, which allows you effectively to cycle between each of the elements of the soundbar. Obviously, in the event that you’re basically involving this as a standard PC speaker framework, you’ll not have to contact any of these buttons.

I’m very certain about saying that you’ll battle to get a PC sound framework as exquisite and productive as the Majority Atlas PC Soundbar at a similar cost. Obviously, better sound frameworks exist, however you’ll pay a ton more than £24.99 for them. Assuming you’re on a careful spending plan yet need something smooth and great quality, this is definitely worth considering.

The Majority Atlas Soundbar is accessible directly from Majority or from Amazon, where it’s currently discounted to just £17. Truly, this is a ridiculously excellent piece of unit for that price.

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