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EPOS H3 Hybrid

Earlier this year, EPOS drew out the H3 headset. We explored it, and viewed it as a superb quality headset. In any case, EPOS has chosen to fiddle with it.

The organization’s most recent headset, the H3 Hybrid, takes all that made the H3 so great – its solace, construct quality and sound lucidity – and adds to it to make a headset that is better. A lot better in fact.

That ‘Hybrid’ name isn’t in vain. While the H3 could only connect via 3.5mm jack, the H3 Hybrid can interface with a gadget through 3.5mm jack, USB and Bluetooth. I don’t know I’ve seen one more headset with such a lot of adaptability. It basically implies you can utilize this headset with essentially any gadget, and with many, in various ways.


One very nifty include that the H3 Hybrid packs in is something that numerous social gamers will be keen on. You can all the while utilize the headset’s 3.5mm jack and its Bluetooth association simultaneously. Thus, you might have it connected to your Xbox or PlayStation regulator, playing the sound from your game. What’s more, you can likewise have it associated with your telephone, where you’re utilizing an outsider application to talk with your friends.

It’s additionally a headset that functions as a gaming headset or essentially as earphones to pay attention to music with. The receiver totally disengages, and a different plastic cover permits you to conceal its connector, leaving you with only an excellent sets of earphones. Assuming you’re the kind of individual who has various headsets for quite some time, this might be the ideal mix of them all.

EPOS H3 Hybrid

It’s an exceptionally stout looking headset, however such that shouts quality as opposed to a pointlessly preposterous plan. It’s accessible in two tones – all-dark (‘Onyx Black’), or highly contrasting (‘Ghost White’). We’ve had our hands on the Ghost White rendition, which looks awesome. The ear cups and head band are largely dark, however the external ear covering and lower some portion of the band are white. Notwithstanding its thickness, it’s sufficiently lightweight to be agreeable on your head, even after expanded use. The genuine selling point, be that as it may, is its sound quality.

Practically everything sounds fabulous through the EPOS H3 Hybrid. We’ve generally expected quality from EPOS items, and this one is the same. Sound is completely clear regardless of how you’re associated; bass is full and rich, and the full array of sounds can be heard with no issue by any means. However, pay attention to your number one music through it and you’ll without a doubt hear portions of the track you haven’t heard through standard speakers.

There is one disadvantage to the H3 Hybrid’s usefulness. Since it’s an advanced headset, it should be turned on regardless of whether you’re utilizing it through the 3.5mm jack. Fortunately, it flaunts a decent battery duration; you’ll get somewhere in the range of 19 and 24 hours of playback on a solitary charge. Furthermore, charging is not difficult to do – basically associate the USB link to a power source.

The EPOS H3 Hybrid is certainly not a modest headset; with a RRP of £149, it’s essentially more costly than the H3, which has recently had a markdown to £89. Yet, for that extra £60 you’re getting significantly greater usefulness. This isn’t simply a gaming headset; it’s an overall excellent sets of earphones that can do pretty much anything you’d need them to. Interface them to your sound gadget, use them to game on anything design you need – all bases are covered. Amazing headsets are rarely modest, and we’re genuinely sure this one will not disappoint.

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