The Nacon MG-X Controller is the Perfect Xbox Cloud Gaming Companion

Nacon MG-X

While it’s awesome that Microsoft has planned touchscreen controls to some of its Cloud-empowered games, you can’t beat the vibe of a genuine controller.

You can just adjust a standard regulator to your telephone utilizing Bluetooth assuming you need, yet it’s not actually the most convenient arrangement. Fortunately, different organizations have been thinking of a scope of answers for transform your cell phone into a versatile gaming dream. Probably the soonest we inspected was the Razer Junglecat, yet it was restricted in that it just upheld a limited quantity of handsets. Then last year we had the GameSir X2 which, notwithstanding being from a less popular maker, ended up being a superb gadget. Yet, that necessities to interface with a telephone utilizing USB-C, so precludes a considerable amount of handsets.

Enter Nacon’s answer, the MG-X, which is an authority Xbox regulator. It’s somewhat expensive at €100, yet with Nacon’s and Microsoft’s names both on it, you realize you’re getting a quality item. What’s more, in the wake of investing some energy playing Xbox Game Pass games with it through the Cloud, we’re satisfied to say it’s a delight to utilize, too.


The configuration is basically the same as that of the GameSir X2; it’s one unit which extends around your gadget, meaning essentially any telephone, even most phablets, will fit in it. On account of a rubberised grasp, your gadget remains immovably set up, regardless of whether it look somewhat unstable; the indent for your telephone isn’t the most profound, so assuming you have an exceptionally thick case around your telephone, you should eliminate that first. To set up your telephone, you just draw on the two sides of the regulator to grow it. There’s a lot of opposition here, and we’d suggest practicing alert while eliminating your telephone – it tends to snap back rather fiercely and we’ve had horrendous dreams of nipping our fingertips. Ouch.

Nacon MG-X

Since it interfaces with your gadget through Bluetooth, essentially every telephone will work with it. Also, on the off chance that your telephone is old to such an extent that it doesn’t uphold Bluetooth frill, odds are you will not be utilizing it to mess around on at any rate. Association is simple; it’s a basic instance of turning on the MG-X by squeezing the ‘Xbox’ button, then click the Bluetooth button on the underside of the gadget. Ensure your telephone’s Bluetooth is on and presto, you’re prepared to go.

Since it’s an authority Xbox item, every button you have on your Xbox regulator is here – except for the ‘capture’ button found on Series X/S cushions. In any case, we can’t have everything. The ABXY buttons are in signature Xbox tones, and the Menu and View buttons are similarly as you’d expect, too.

It feels truly good to hold in the hand, being stout enough that there’s a significant thing to grasp onto. Tragically, it’s fairly little – each side of the MG-X is more limited, however somewhat fatter, than a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con regulator. So in the event that your hands are on the bigger side, you could find it awkward to utilize, particularly considering the face buttons are fairly near one another. The thumbsticks are great to utilize, notwithstanding, and regardless of not being very regular, they’re bounty adequately large to feel charming in action.

Nacon MG-X

What is strange on the MG-X is exactly how much opposition is in the triggers – LT and RT. Pushing them right down requires significantly more power than a standard Xbox regulator, which takes some becoming accustomed to. On the other side, they are simple, so the very lightest of pushes will perceive your input.

Since it requires Bluetooth to utilize, you’ll have to keep the Nacon MG-X charged. The authority line says you’ll get as long as 20 hours of purpose from a solitary charge, however we’d adjust this down to around 15 to be to a greater degree toward the moderate side. It’s as yet a praiseworthy battery duration, however, and charging is simple since it utilizes a standard USB-C connection.

The Nacon MG-X is fairly expensive, but at the same time it’s one of the most mind-blowing portable regulators available. Assuming you’re a regular client of Xbox Cloud Gaming, we can’t imagine a more fundamental adornment than this. It’s available now, directly from Nacon.

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