Alan Wake 2 Words of Power information – How to search out them and what they do

Alan Wake 2 sees Alan trapped within the Darkish Place and attempting to flee, however although he can actually rewrite the story of the world, the chances are stacked towards him on this twisted survival horror sport. One of many keys to creating it out is discovering as lots of Alan Wake 2’s Words of Power are potential.

So, what are Words of Power, and how are you going to discover and use them?

What are Alan Wake 2 Words of Power?

Words of Power in Alan Wake 2 are successfully character buffs and upgrades for Alan. As an alternative of getting an RPG-style XP and levelling system, you search out these Words of Power within the type of phrase spirals, every of which is a particular kind of phrase, after which spend them on a spread of perks on the desk in Alan’s Author’s Room.

Does Saga have Words of Power in Alan Wake 2?

As her story is ready in the actual world and may’t bend actuality simply by writing, Saga Anderson doesn’t have Words of Power, like Alan does. As an alternative she has an identical character buff system based mostly round bracelet charms.

Alan Wake 2 Words of Power arrows

How to search out the Words of Power in Alan Wake 2

As you’re (fastidiously) exploring the nightmarish imaginative and prescient of New York, maintain a watch out for yellow arrows that flare within the mirrored mild of Alan’s torch. When you’ve discovered an arrow, look and go within the route that it’s pointing to search out the following arrow and the following, till you finally discover the spiral of phrases.

Now simply shine your mild on it and the phrase might be out there to spend within the Author’s Room.

Find Alan Wake 2 word spirals

The tough half is that the spirals is likely to be tucked away in some obscure locations, hidden behind destructible objects, and extra.

Can the Sheriff Tim Breaker assist?

Sheriff Tim Breaker (Shawn Ashmore) is a uncommon pleasant face to search out on this shadowy world, and he may also help you discover some Words of Power. As you discover, Preserve an ear out for his buzzing behind doorways, up stairwells and extra, and go to say whats up.

Alan Wake 2 Sheriff Breaker

He’s been attempting to map the world, and when you’ve had a little bit chat you possibly can take a look at what he’s marked down, which highlights areas and areas the place Words of Power are tucked away.

Thanks Tim!

All Alan Wake 2 Words of Power

Alan Wake 2 Words of Power desk drawer

Right here’s the entire Words and stat and abiltty buffs that they supply:

Words of Repair

  • Wellness Retreat – Enhance most well being (3 tiers)
  • God Rays – Will increase max quantity of well being restored in Protected Havens (3 tiers)
  • Wheels Inside Wheels – Restores % of max well being when a brand new Phrase of Power is found (2 tiers)

 Words of Gun

  • Roulette – Offers % likelihood to not eat ammo when firing the Revolver (3 tiers)
  • Private Area – Will increase knockback drive of Alan’s Shotgun (3 tiers)
  • Sunny Skies – Will increase Flare Gun projectiles space of impact (3 tiers)

Words of Conflict

  • Full Cease – Will increase harm dealt by the final bullet within the Revolver’s chamber (3 tiers)
  • Paint the City – Will increase Double-Barrelled Shotgun harm when hitting a number of enemies with one shot (3 tiers)
  • Goes Round – Restores % of max well being when touchdown a direct hit with the Flare Gun (3 tiers)

Words of Stuff

  • Vacationer Map – Marks all close by sources and factors of curiosity on Wake’s map (1 Tier)
  • Magic Pocket – Expands Alan’s stock by 1 row (1 Tier)
  • Battery – Provides one Cost to Alan’s Flashlight (1 Tier)

Words of Support 

  • Torchbearer – Will increase Hand Flare’s space of impact by % and period (3 tiers)
  • ER – Will increase effectiveness of Trauma Pads (3 tiers)
  • Prescription – Will increase impact period of Painkillers (3 tiers)

Words of Motion

  • It’s Private – Will increase harm dealt to enemies in shut proximity (3 tiers)
  • By no means There – Makes Alan tougher for enemies to detect (3 tiers)
  • Turning Tables – Decreases harm acquired from the Darkness Projectiles (3 tiers)

Words of Lamp

  • Most important Attraction – Restores % of max well being when utilizing Flashlight Enhance on Hostile Shadows (3 tiers)
  • In The Headlights – Offers % likelihood to stun enemies on Flashlight Enhance (3 tiers)
  • Fortunate Strike – Offers % likelihood to regain a Flashlight Cost on killing an enemy (3 tiers)

Hopefully that helps you discover some extra of the Words of Power and get extra… highly effective!

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