All shortcuts and level codes for Gunblood

Gunblood is a web-based program game that sets you in opposition to different wild West-themed characters in a shoot-out scene deserving of any Western film. The game has nine levels in addition to four extra levels that can be opened, however assuming you’re eager, you can utilize bypasses and level codes to propel even speedier. Here are all of the shortcuts and level codes as of now accessible for Gunblood.

Gunblood: All bypasses and level codes

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Using bypasses in Gunblood is simpler than in games like The Sims 4, which requires utilizing console orders to actuate. On the person select screen, there is a case to enter your quick and easy shortcut. The codes aren’t case-delicate. In the event that you input it accurately, you’ll hear an audio cue play to affirm the code has been acknowledged. In the event that you committed an error while composing it or unintentionally expanded the finish of the code, the text will change to INVALID, so you’ll be aware to attempt again.

All of the ongoing bypasses for Gunblood are:

  • FASTFIRE – Increases your pace of fire
  • MOREAMMO – This code will give you limitless ammunition in Gunblood
  • NOHIT – Grants you power. Nonetheless, recollect that you can in any case bomb a level on the off chance that you don’t accomplish the objectives.
  • POINTER – Adds a laser pointer to your weapon in Gunblood, making pointing essentially easier.

For returning players, you should skirt a portion of the levels you’ve previously finished. To jump to a particular level, enter one of the accompanying codes:

  • LEVEL1 – Switch back to Level 1
  • LEVEL2 – Skip to Level 2
  • LEVEL3 – Skip to Level 3
  • LEVEL4 – Skip to Level 4
  • LEVEL5 – Skip to Level 5
  • LEVEL6 – Skip to Level 6
  • LEVEL7 – Skip to Level 7
  • LEVEL8 – Skip to Level 8
  • LEVEL9 – Skip to Level 9
  • BONUS1 – Skip to Bonus Stage 1
  • BONUS2 – Skip to Bonus Stage 2
  • BONUS3 – Skip to Bonus Stage 3
  • BONUS4 – Skip to Bonus Stage 4

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