All Monkey Paw Wishes in Phasmophobia

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Are you searching for a information with all Monkey Paw needs in Phasmophobia? The Monkey Paw is without doubt one of the greatest cursed objects within the sport because it means that you can full goals, shield your self from the ghost, save a fellow ghost hunter, and rather more. Nevertheless, realizing the place to search out it and use it may be difficult. So, right here is all Monkey Paw needs in Phasmophobia, so you understand exactly is it primarily based on how your present contract goes.

Learn how to Use the Monkey Paw in Phasmophobia

Picture: Assault of the Fanboy

The Monkey Paw has a 1 in 7 probability of being chosen because the cursed possession throughout a contract. There’s one particular spawn location per map, with the Sunny Meadows location having all of them. You need to use one want from the desk beneath per contract.

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The problem degree you select determines what number of totals needs you get per contract. Right here is the problem breakdown:

  • 0 – 1.99: 5 Wishes
  • 2 – 2.99: 4 Wishes
  • 3 or Greater: 3 Wishes
Want Sort Want Alternative Want Results Sunny Meadows Want Location
Ghost I want to see the ghost Triggers a ghost occasion in entrance of the participant: the ghost will materialize earlier than them as their imaginative and prescient is obscured with a darkish fog. The ghost will stay nonetheless for round 5 seconds earlier than it disappears, triggering a cursed hunt at its summon location. The participant’s imaginative and prescient will proceed to be obscured for this hunt and can return to regular as soon as it ends. Supervisor Workplace
Ghost I want for exercise

I want the ghost would do one thing

Doubles all ghost exercise for two minutes (together with throws, doorways, roaming, skills, and so forth.). The fuse field will break completely, and the exit door shall be locked for two minutes. Chapel
Ghost I want to lure the ghost

I want the ghost was trapped

Teleports the ghost to its favourite room and locks all its doorways for 1 minute. The ghost can not hunt, roam, or use skills throughout this era. This may even lock all doorways of the participant’s present room for 1 minute. After this era, all doorways will unlock, and the ghost will begin a cursed hunt. There’s a 25% probability for doorways to unlock solely after the grace interval. Feminine Dorm Room
Ghost I want to be sane

I want for sanity

Units each participant to 50% sanity. The passive sanity drain shall be multiplied by 1.5, and the ghost’s favourite room shall be set to a random room. Kitchen
Participant I want to be secure Opens up the closest hiding spot. The lights within the participant’s present room will shatter, and for the remainder of the contract, the ghost will have the ability to hear the participant who made the want and sense their lively electronics at any vary. Matron Workplace 1
Participant I want to depart Unlocks all exit doorways at any time, together with throughout hunts. The participant’s pace shall be diminished earlier than slowly returning over 5 seconds. Their imaginative and prescient may even be diminished for this period. Hospital Wing
Different I want to revive my good friend

I want for all times

Revives a useless participant, however the participant who made the want has a 50% probability of dying. Classroom
Different I want for information Removes one false proof and corresponding ghost sorts from the wisher’s journal. The ghost will then begin a hunt close to the wisher, and they’re going to have muffled audio and diminished imaginative and prescient till loss of life or when the spherical ends. Restricted Wing
Different I want for the climate:
Clear Sky
Modifications the climate as desired. This can trigger a brief blindness impact whereas the climate adjustments, deducting 25% of sanity from the participant. For instance, wishing for rain has a 50/50 probability of granting both mild or heavy rain. Morgue
Different I want for something Randomly grants one of many (unused) needs above. Ready Room

Creator Notice: I wrote this information whereas enjoying Phasmophobia using my Steam Deck.

– This text was up to date on April twenty eighth, 2023

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