Baldur’s Gate 3 Underground Passage Chest: How to Get the Charred Key

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If you happen to’re enjoying Baldur’s Gate 3 and have wandered your method into the Underground Passage behind Emerald Grove, you’ll have run into the Heavy Chest. To get into the chest you’ll want a Charred Key, which is throughout the passage. Right here’s methods to get the Charred Key.

How To Get To The Underground Passage

Within the Emerald Grove you’ll see a shabby door within the Northwest nook.

Picture: Assault of the Fanboy

Whenever you undergo you’ll see a tiefling, Sazza, aiming a crossbow at a goblin. This can spur an interplay the place you possibly can select to observe or save the goblin.

Picture: Assault of the Fanboy

After your interplay with them, you possibly can go behind the goblin and bounce to the touchdown.

Picture: Assault of the Fanboy

There’s a door alongside the wall on the proper, should you make the passive notion test it would reveal itself to you and you’ll go into the Underground Passage. We discovered this door the best strategy to get the runes inside disabled with minimal injury.

Picture: Assault of the Fanboy

Disable the Runes

As quickly as you enter you’ll see goblins and a fallen druid. You’ll be able to attempt to sneak to disable the primary rune, however you’ll need to combat the goblins to avoid wasting Findal, the druid.

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After your battle, instantly disable the three traps, first Rune of the Bear on the left wall the place you entered.

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Climb the steps the ranged goblin was taking pictures from to disable the Rune of the Eagle on the column on the prime. At nighttime cave behind this spot is the Heavy Chest that you simply want the Charred Key for.

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To disable the ultimate rune it will likely be most secure to ungroup out of your get together. Leap throughout to the platform within the water and sprint down the steps.

Picture: Assault of the Fanboy

On the very base you’ll see the glowing blue plaque to disable the Rune of the Wolf.

Picture: Assault of the Fanboy

Get the Charred Key

On the bottom is a lifeless human, click on them to loot the physique and also you’ll see the charred key of their possession.

Picture: Assault of the Fanboy

As soon as you are taking the important thing you possibly can return to the chest and hopefully, somebody in your get together could have a profitable notion roll and see the chest is trapped. Use a Lure Disarm Toolkit to disable it. From there you’re free to open the chest with the important thing and take the gadgets inside.

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