Best Cleric subclasses in Baldur’s Gate 3, ranked (BG3)

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In Baldur’s Gate 3, most lessons have a selection of three subclasses they’ll use to specialize. There are exceptions, together with the Cleric class. It has seven choices for specialization. Right here is our information rating the seven Cleric subclasses in Baldur’s Gate 3 from finest to worst.

Baldur’s Gate 3 – finest Cleric subclasses, ranked

You get to decide on your Cleric subclass (often called a ‘Domain’) proper from the beginning. Typically, the Cleric is a healer and focuses extra on defensive abilities, although yow will discover some subclasses that flip their eye towards offensive capabilities (particularly as they develop over the course of the marketing campaign). No matter you resolve, ensure that to choose the Cleric subclass that enhances your favored method.

Baldurs Gate 3 Cleric Subclass Life Domain

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1. Life Area

This subclass ensures you might have a Cleric in its purest type. Due to the Disciple of Life capability, your therapeutic magic features further proficiency the upper your character stage. The Remedy Wounds spell you already possess improves, plus you acquire Heavy Armour Proficiency. That retains you round to offer therapeutic for longer with out struggling an obstacle whereas attacking. At greater ranges, your therapeutic magic continues to enhance and also you be taught Revivify to help those that have fallen in battle.

2. Tempest Area

There’s a storm on the battlefield while you select this subclass. Wrath of the Storm supplies lightning injury, and the highly effective Thunderwave spell has an analogous impact. In the meantime, Fog Cloud places foes at an obstacle in case your occasion members wish to take a stealthy method. In addition to all of that, you take pleasure in Martial Weapon Proficiency and Heavy Armour Proficiency, which lets you stay a menace to your enemies lengthy after weaker occasion members would fall. As offensive subclasses go, this one provides you probably the most versatility.

3. Warfare Area

As one among a number of subclasses that present Heavy Armour Proficiency, this one stands other than the others by additionally including Martial Weapon Proficiency. The helpful Warfare Priest capability allows you to land an additional assault in alternate for a cost, and you should use Divine Favor to boost your weapons. You’re an adversary to the unrighteous, unafraid to wade into the thick of battle. If you need a purely offensive Cleric, that is your most easy choice. It simply might not have as many related choices towards some foes in comparison with the Tempest subclass.

4. Nature Area

This subclass nonetheless supplies Heavy Armour Proficiency, however a lot of the main focus is on talents you’d affiliate with the Druid class. You even acquire the Converse with Animals and Animal Friendship spells. Additionally, the Acolyte of Nature capability allows you to be taught a Druid cantrip proper from the beginning, to go together with the highly effective Shillelagh cantrip. At greater ranges, you possibly can assault with ice and locusts, a improvement your foes are unlikely to welcome. These are good perks, however not as broadly helpful as tremendous efficient therapeutic magic.

5. Mild Area

Regardless of dropping proficiency with heavier armour, this class makes an attempt to make up for it with highly effective spells centered round gentle and hearth. Stealthier foes can have a more durable time managing sneak assaults from the shadows, due to Daylight (a spell realized at stage 5). Radiance of the Daybreak permits the Cleric to assault with holy gentle and deal Radiant injury, almost from the beginning. All of it matches the spirit of being a Cleric, and there are particular benefits to the method, nevertheless it’s not vastly helpful in comparison with some superior choices.

6. Information Area

This subclass enhances the ability of the Command spell and provides the Sleep spell. These are each helpful spells. At stage two, it provides Information of the Ages, which ensures proficiency in a wide range of abilities. Basically, the subclass works finest when controlling the minds of adversaries and sowing confusion and concern on the battlefield.

7. Trickery Area

As one among three subclasses with out robust defensive capabilities, this one makes up for it with Blessing of the Trickster. The motion provides stealth capabilities to a different occasion member. Moreover, the Attraction Particular person and Disguise Self spells add depth to a Cleric that has principally gone Rogue. Since there are already different lessons (together with the Rogue itself) that deal with that facet of issues, a Trickery method seems like a little bit of a waste when the Cleric has so many different choices at its disposal.

We’ve ranked the subclasses above, however any Cleric subclass supplies motive to offer it a attempt. Select the subclass that most closely fits your fashion of play. And in case you change your thoughts, examine our information on how to respec your characters with a bit assist from Withers.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is obtainable on Steam.

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