Blazin’ Trails area Phantasmal Conch area

The Blazin’ Trails mission in Genshin Impact uncovers numerous mysteries in Broken Isle and the Mirage Domain. One of these is an open chamber that has a significant collectible. Here is our Genshin Impact Blazin’ Trails manual for assist you with tracking down the Mirage Domain Phantasmal Conch for Fischl’s substitute outfit.

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Genshin Impact Blazin’ Trails guide – Mirage Domain Phantasmal Conch location

To get the Phantasmal Conch in Genshin Impact‘s Blazin’ Trails Mirage Domain, ensure you’ve advanced further in the journey chain so you approach the upper levels. This is examined exhaustively in our Frozen Soul Luxurious Chest guide, yet here’s the gist:

  • Hit the close by drum to make an extension to Frozen Soul’s area.
  • Enter the way to one side to show up at a worldspace with drifting islands.
  • Reach the end and pass through the doorway.
  • Hit the drum to make a scaffold and navigate it to get back to the focal region/pit. Stir things up around town drum there, too.
  • This will make another scaffold that you can cross, taking you to an alternate worldspace.

In this new worldspace, go to one side as you advance across holes. Use drums and harps when fundamental until you arrive at the bigger body of land at the back.

Once you’re there, you can pivot/change the blossoms before striking the harp. Your objective here is to have the blossom facing up so it makes a breeze current that helps you to the highest point of the stone development. On the other hand, Kazuha can simply utilize his essential ability to get up there.

There’s a decent opportunity that you’ve obtained a few Phantasmal Conches in Genshin Impact as of now, enough to open Fischl’s substitute outfit. As of Day 3, there are 17 of these:

Gen Pct 28 Blzt Brk Phan Fsh 3

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