Reviled Forest manager guide — V Blood supervisors and prizes

The Cursed Forest is tracked down on the northeastern edge of V Rising(*’s) map. There are not many living people in this muggy region, as it’s for the most part populated by dreadful animals and the undead. Thusly, you’ll have less choices while searching for Blood Pool recharging, yet you can in any case stay as optimistic as possible. Here is our V Rising Cursed Forest supervisor manual for assist you with every one of the areas of significant foes and V Blood sources in this shocking locale.Note:

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V Rising

Cursed Forest manager guide and V Blood rewardsBelow, you’ll see the guide of the Cursed Forest in

V Rising, as well as the surmised areas of the managers in the district. They have been numbered by their suggested power level/gear score posting in the Blood Altar. Finally, be reminded that a few managers respawn following a few hours have passed in-game.1. Ungora the Spider Queen

V Rising Cursed Forest Boss Guide 1a

Recommended Level/Gear Score

  • : 60Location
  • : Spider CaveVampiric Powers/Abilities
  • : Volatile ArachnidCrafting Structures and Recipes
  • : Ghostyarn, Silk, and SpiderlingGiven that Ungora is found somewhere inside a sinkhole, you’ll realize that this battle will prompt a ton of add cleanup. The actual fight is fairly clear, as Ungora for the most part utilizes poison globules, poison buildup on the ground, and webbings. What makes it harder is the unusual number of hordes that will consistently produce until you drop your foe.

2. The Duke of Balaton

V Rising Cursed Forest Boss Guide 1b

Recommended Level/Gear Score

  • : 62Location
  • : Swamp of GreedVampiric Powers/Abilities
  • : Toad FormCrafting Structures and Recipes
  • : N/AThe Duke of Balaton is a massive bullfrog, with matching assaults for sure. Aside from calling several land and/or water capable irritations, it’ll likewise do a harmed scale ejection, a jumping assault, and a reprimand. Be careful with the final remaining one, as the supervisor can pull and bite on your personality. This quickly paralyzes you, which could prompt undeniable harm on the off chance that you’re not careful.

3. Foulrot the Soultaker

V Rising Cursed Forest Boss Guide 2

Recommended Level/Gear Score

  • : 62Location
  • : Ancient VillageVampiric Powers/Abilities
  • : Mist TranceCrafting Structures and Recipes
  • : Phantom’s Veil, Spectral Dust, and BansheeAs with generally other ghostly or undead supervisors in

V Rising, Foulrot the Soultaker and his happy confidants will hamper you with debilitating and dread impacts (the last option will make you take off for a few seconds, in any event, interfering with any directed capacities). He likewise loves to magically transport around prior to striking you.4. Matka the Curse Weaver

V Rising Cursed Forest Boss Guide 3

Recommended Level/Gear Score

  • : 72Location
  • : Nest of the Curse WeaverVampiric Powers/Abilities
  • : Unstable MosquitoCrafting Structures and Recipes
  • : Schematic and MosquitoMatka the Curse Weaver’s summons are mosquitoes. Not exclusively will they whiz around to hit you, however the generates at later phases of the battle will detonate. Matka likewise projects a few shouting skulls in a wide circle, and a few shots additionally have following capacities. In any event, you truly do acquire the immensely significant Schematic outline. This permits you to open new advances from the Athenaeum. Thusly, you’ll get some top-level things in the game.

5. Nightmarshal Styx, the Sunderer

V Rising Cursed Forest Boss Guide 4

Recommended Level/Gear Score

  • : 76Location
  • : Traveling around the southeastern street between the Witch Hut, Spider Cave, and Ancient VillageVampiric Powers/Abilities
  • : Bat FormCrafting Structures and Recipes
  • : N/AYou’ll coincidentally find Nightmarshal Styx unexpectedly, and he’ll most likely get the drop on you. He has lightning-quick assaults, including different magically transports and blood tornado shots. At specific spans, he’ll likewise disseminate into a haze of bats, causing Withered Vampire hordes to bring forth. Be careful with them, as well as different hostiles that would get aggroed along the street. When crushed, Nightmarshal Styx awards you the Bat Form power, at long last allowing you to travel to in any case inaccessible areas.

6. Gorecrusher the Behemoth

V Rising Cursed Forest Boss Guide 5

Recommended Level/Gear Score

  • : 78Location
  • : Lair of the BehemothVampiric Powers/Abilities
  • : Wisp DanceCrafting Structures and Recipes
  • : N/AGorecrusher the Behemoth is the last Cursed Forest supervisor that you’ll look in

V Rising. A portion of his capacities will help you to remember those utilized by hero type rivals are bigger beasts that you’ve beaten before. These incorporate slamming assaults, AoE jumping crushes, and ground flowing ground emissions. Yet again the critical element here is that Gorecrusher likewise generates soul animals that you want to overcome before he can be harmed. To perceive how the battle advances, you can watch the video underneath from .YouTuber Fortizar

V Rising

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