Danmachi Battle Chronicle Tier List

In case you’re severe about Danmachi Battle Chronicle, then you definitely’ll wish to know one of the best – and the worst – characters you’ll be able to play with within the recreation.

All Danmachi Battle Chronicle Characters, Ranked.

Under is a listing of all of the characters in Danmachi Battle Chronicle in tiers. Notice that this tier listing has been curated from opinions from the neighborhood, so serves as a mirrored image of present opinion. Keep in mind that what doesn’t work for many gamers could give you the results you want, so be certain that to experiment and check out a spread of characters to kind your personal opinion.

In every tier, the characters are ordered alphabetically.

S Tier

These characters are usually agreed to be one of the best of one of the best in Danmachi Battle Chronicle, so be certain that to have them in your group!

  • Little Rookie” Bell Cranel
  • “Gale” Ryu Lion
  • “Thousand Elf” Lefiya Viridis
  • “Mirabilis” Cassandra
  • “Elgarm” Gareth Landrock
  • “Jormungandr” Tione Hiryute

A Tier

The next Danmachi Battle Chronicle characters are very robust, and can get by way of a lot of the challenges they’re confronted with.

  • “Nine Hell” Riveria Ljos Alf
  • “Demon Fox” Sanjouno Haruhime
  • “Absolute Shadow” Yamato Mikoto
  • “Sword Princess” Ais Wallenstein
  • “Amazon” Tiona Hiryute
  • “Big Cut” Tiona Hiryute
  • “The Unfinished Boy” Bell Cranel
  • “Vanargand” Bete
  • “Braver” Finn
  • “Kumahime” Riveria Lyos Alv
  • “The Pessimist” Cassandra Irion
  • “Antianeira” Aishia
  • “Maid of Fertility” Syr Flover
  • “Dragon Girl” Wiene
  • “God of Neutrality” Hermes
  • “God of Medicine” Miach
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B Tier

These Danmachi Battle Chronicle characters are reliable for positive, though they depart issues to be desired.

  • “Prum Assist” Liliruca Arde
  • “God of War” Takemikazuchi
  • “Follower of the Cherry Blossoms” Hitachi Chigusa
  • “Deity of the Sacred Fire” Hestia
  • “Laurus Fuga” Daphne Lauros
  • “Lady of the Two-Handed Blade” Tiona Hiryute
  • “Red-Haired God of Smithing” Hephaistios

C Tier

These characters in Danmachi Battle Chronicle aren’t too nice, and also you’re higher off not counting on them.

  • “Wolf” Bete Loga
  • “Blacksmith of the Flames” Welf Crozzo
  • “Unconquerable” Gareth Landrock
  • War Princess” Ais Wallenstein
  • “Twin-Bladed Dancer” Tione Hiryute
  • “Lady of Many Looks” Syr Flover
  • “Dwarf Strength” Ririruka
  • “God of Romance” Hermes

D Tier

If I had been you, I wouldn’t hassle with the next Danmachi Battle Chronicle characters.

  • “Queen of the Night” Ishtar
  • “Divine Artisan” Hephaistios
  • “Clown perjury” Loki
  • “Apothecary” Miach
  • “Delicate Girl” Hitachi Chigusa
  • “God of Guidance” Takemikazuchi
  • “Bujin” Takemikazuchi
  • “Acquaintance of the Gale” Asfi AL Andromeda

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