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Bytes has acquired his very personal set of quests in Fortnite‘s newly-launched 22.10 update, which has also introduced the Cobra DMR, Holo Chests, and new Bonus Styles. The questline has players commune with the mysterious ‘Nothing,’ a brand new villainous entity launched in the beginning of the season, by means of tuning TVs. It additionally rewards the participant with 7 new kinds for Bytes’ harvesting instrument: ‘The Nothing’s Present.’ The first quest instructs you to “Tune the TV while wearing the Byte outfit,” however which TV do you should tune, and the place is it?

How to Tune The the TV Whereas Sporting The Bytes Outfit in Fortnite

In the beginning of the Bytes questline in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, you will want to tune a TV to speak with The Nothing. To tune the TV, you will want to have Bytes outfitted in your locker. Bytes is an Outfit, higher recognized to the group as a “skin,” included in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4’s Battle Go. He’s unlockable on Web page 2, nevertheless, the opposite 9 rewards need to be earned earlier than you should purchase Bytes for Battle Stars. Should you’ve but to earn Bytes, you may try our guide on leveling up in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.


With Bytes outfitted, head out right into a match and monitor the search within the Quest tab. This may mark the place on the map you will want to land to tune the TV. Merely stroll over to the TV and maintain the button indicated on-screen to finish the search. You’ll then be granted a brand new quest step, which is able to reward you with a brand new fashion for The Nothing’s Present upon completion. It’s essential to notice that the TVs you should tune all through the questline shall be in several places with each quest step.

Harm Opponents with EvoChrome Weapons

The first activity granted to you by The Nothing is to break opponents utilizing EvoChrome weapons. The easiest way to do that is to enter Group Rumble, as you’ll respawn after being eradicated, and your weapon will maintain its rarity because it evolves. Merely accumulate 2,500 harm with EvoChrome weapons to maneuver on to the following step. This may be performed over a number of matches, and also you should not have to have Bytes outfitted, in contrast to the ‘Tune the TV’ quests.

After every quest step, you’ll have to tune one other TV with Bytes outfitted in your locker.

Drive Distance in Chromed Automobile

After tuning the following TV, you will want to drive 5,000 meters in a Chromed Vehicle. Merely discover a automobile, throw a Chrome Splash — which will be discovered by breaking Chrome objects all through the map — and drive it so far as you may.

Go By means of Chromed Constructions in Totally different Named Places

Shimmering Shrine, Flutter Barn, Herald’s Sanctum, and Chrome Crossroads are all named places with assured Chromed constructions. Merely stroll right into a Chromed wall and you’ll section by means of it. Alternatively, you may make a construction Chrome by throwing a Chrome Splash at it.

Search 20 Chromed Chests

Very similar to the earlier step, you will want to go to Shimmering Shrine, Flutter Barn, Chrome Crossroads, or Herald’s Sanctum. All chests in these places shall be ‘Chromed Chests’, which will be recognized by their metallic texture. Merely open 20 of those and tune the following TV.

Deal Harm to Chromed Wildlife

The Herald, present in Herald’s Sanctum, will repeatedly spawn Chromed wolves once you have interaction her. Refill on ammo and easily shoot these wolves till you’ve accrued 2,500 complete harm. Alternatively, you may hunt Chromed wildlife in places affected by Chrome. It’s also possible to Chrome wildlife your self by throwing a Chrome Splash at them.

Get rid of 20 Opponents at a Chromed Named Location

Chromed-named places will be recognized on the map by their silver overlaying alongside the bottom. On the time of writing, this consists of Shimmering Shrine, Flutter Barn, Chrome Crossroads, and Herald’s Sanctum, nevertheless, it’s seemingly that extra areas shall be Chromed as Season 4 progresses. Get rid of a complete of 20 gamers in any of those places to progress the search. Group Rumble is a incredible choice for this, though it’s possible you’ll must exit and re-enter the match to make sure a Chromed location is within the Storm Circle.

Chrome Opponents

The remaining a part of Bytes’ questline in Fortntite Chapter 3 Season 4 is to Chrome 10 opponents. This may be performed by merely throwing a Chrome Splash at them, which will be discovered by breaking Chromed objects, or in Chrome Chests. Once more, Group Rumble is the go-to choice for this quest resulting from being immediately respawned in case you are eradicated.

When you’ve accomplished this, tune the ultimate TV, and obtain the ultimate edit fashion! All 7 new edit kinds for ‘The Nothing’s Present’ shall be accessible so that you can equip within the locker.

Fortnite is offered on Nintendo Swap, Ps 4, Ps 5, Xbox One, Xbox Collection X and S, Android, and PC.


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