Gran Turismo 7 – What are Meeting Places and how to find them

Gran Turismo 7 brings back the incredible Sport mode from GT Sport, as well as custom internet based entryways, but at the same time there’s another sort of multiplayer anteroom that you can join: Meeting Places. What are they? Furthermore, where do you find them in the game?

What are Gran Turismo 7’s Meeting Places?

Meeting Places are basically track-explicit free drive entryways. You can enter a Meeting Place with anything vehicle you have, flaunt you most recent procurement and custom uniform that you’ve concocted, and afterward cruise all over and visit with different players as you do so.

Where could I at any point find Meeting Places?

Meeting Places are not tracked down straightforwardly the really World Map menu, but rather are rather a piece of each track’s entrance on the World Circuits. Go to the World Circuits, then, at that point, to a district lastly to a circuit that is set apart with a little symbol with individuals on it – it looks a piece like an ‘M’ – and you’ll find the Meeting Place in the base left corner of the circuit’s home page.


GT7 How to find Meeting Place

Look for the little blue symbol to find follows a Meeting Place.

Which GT7 tracks have a Meeting Place?

These are the tracks that have Meeting Places in Gran Turismo 7 – there may be a couple of more, yet we actually have a modest bunch of tracks left to unlock.


  • Daytona International Speedway
  • Special Stage Route X
  • Trial Mountain Circuit
  • WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca


  • Autodromo Lago Maggiore
  • Deep Forest Raceway
  • Nürburgring


  • Mount Panorama Circuit
  • Suzuka Circuit
  • Tokyo Expressway

The Meeting Place isn’t the main particular component in Gran Turismo 7. There’s additionally a great deal of variety among tracks that support day time transitions and a full 24 hour races, and just a few circuits have wet weather conditions dashing. Then there’s the entire ray tracing option on PlayStation 5. What does that do?

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