Contract killer 3 July guide incorporates the new Ambrose Island map

Developer IO Interactive has unveiled its July guide for Year 2 of Hitman 3, and it vows to carry a significant new element to the game. This element will come as another area called Ambrose Island, which really fills in as the game’s most memorable post-send off region. After over a year of continuous post-send off refreshes, it comes as somewhat of an unexpected that Hitman 3 just got another guide now. Yet, taking into account the sheer measure of detail packed into Hitman’s maps, it just checks out that the designers would require some investment with this one. The people who currently own Hitman 3 will get the Ambrose Island map for nothing on July 26.

According to IO Interactive’s official website, this secret tropical island houses a fearsome privateer partner that leads its tasks in the Andaman Sea. Furthermore, the island contains numerous privileged insights to find, however these have close to nothing to do with Agent 47’s fundamental objective, which is to “help an old friend rectify his mistake.” obviously, with another area comes an entire host of additional difficulties, rewards, and focuses to dispatch. Players can have their most memorable gander at one of these new focuses in the trailer below.

Anything else?

Once Ambrose Island emerges, players will likewise get another fix named Game Update 3.120 that will “feature some community reported issues and some QoL improvements.” IO Interactive will uncover the authority fix notes for this report on July 26.

Although the July guide includes bounty more happy where that came from, fanatics of Hitman 3 will certainly view the Ambrose Island map as the main expansion. IO Interactive will share more data on this guide as the delivery date draws near, so the individuals who need to learn more can remain tuned to that. Any other way, players can partake in the wide range of various new satisfied that will come to the game among now and July 26.

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