How outdated is Tails from the Sonic the Hedgehog sequence? Answered

Tails has been a giant a part of Sonic’s adventures for a variety of years. Whereas he typically takes the position of a sidekick, he has been identified to take heart stage at instances. Tails is sort of as iconic as Sonic himself, as the 2 are hardly ever seen aside. Similar to different characters within the franchise, he reveals the identical incapacity to age as Sonic does.

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Tails isn’t the identical age as Sonic, however he nonetheless doesn’t seem to have aged a day since his debut. The one clue to Tails’ age is that he’s youthful than Sonic, however that isn’t a giant clue. How outdated is Tails, and what’s one of the simplest ways to calculate his age?

How outdated is Tails primarily based on in-game lore?

In response to Wikipedia, Tails is eight years outdated, which is youthful than Sonic’s established age of 15. This quantity is supported by the Japanese Sonic Channel, which lists Tails’ age as eight years outdated as properly. In contrast to Sonic, he doesn’t appear to have any birthday celebrations that may enhance his age. It’s secure to imagine that Tails will all the time stay the identical age irrespective of which recreation he seems in.

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Tails does make an look within the second Sonic dwell motion film, which takes place eight months after the primary movie. In contrast to Sonic, who might have gotten older throughout that point interval, Tails makes his first look within the movie at eight years outdated. He wouldn’t have had those self same months to get older, and thus retains his present age. You possibly can’t go backwards along with his age such as you would with Sonic, since he couldn’t have doubtlessly be seven years of age when he didn’t seem within the film.

How outdated is Tails primarily based on his recreation appearances?

Tails first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, which was first launched on November 21, 1992. Given Tails’ age of 8 years, he could be 37 years outdated should you added the 2 collectively. Tails both ages extremely slowly or has managed to take care of his pristine youth.

You may additionally calculate Tails’ age as zero and solely rely the years since his first look (although it gained’t match up with in-game lore). That might make Tails 29 years outdated since his first debut. Having a presence within the franchise for 29 years isn’t nothing, and it’s a testomony to his reputation that he exhibits up as regularly as he does.

Whereas he takes on the position of sidekick, it’s arduous to think about the Sonic franchise with out Tails. He’s been aiding Sonic as a younger eight 12 months outdated, flying round and offering help for over 29 years. Regardless of the way you select to calculate his age, he nonetheless seems to be nice.

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