How to beat Tulakt in Jedi: Survivor Holotactics

Among the many many issues to do in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a mini-game often known as Holotactics. These accustomed to the unique Star Wars movie Episode IV: A New Hope ought to instantly acknowledge Holotactics. It’s the very recreation Luke and Chewbacca performed aboard the Millennium Falcon whereas on the journey to Alderaan. It’s Cal’s job to determine learn how to beat a lineup of opponents in Holotactics to obtain numerous rewards in Jedi: Survivor, and Tulakt is not any pushover.

Tulakt is the third opponent Cal takes on if you happen to observe the problem order from left to proper. They make use of a mixture of models throughout three waves that you simply’ll must beat. We’ve put collectively a lineup to beat every wave with an inexpensive diploma of success. Sadly, the character of Holotactics in Jedi: Survivor is random as a result of the models behave in a different way every time. Because of this we can’t assure this lineup will work each time, nevertheless it ought to help you beat Tulakt in lower than three makes an attempt.

How to beat Tulakt in Jedi: Survivor Holotactics

Comply with the unit choice and placement precisely as outlined to beat Tulakt. You may after all experiment with your personal lineups, as there are numerous combos that can work simply as effectively.

Star Wars Tulakt Jedi Survivor Holo Tactics Halo How To Beat Units Round 1 2 3

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Wave 1

Choose a Purge Trooper Ranged Commander and place them on the again row on the far left sq.. Subsequent, place two BD-1 Melee droids on the entrance row on the 2 right-most squares. These melee models will draw consideration and permit the Purge Trooper to remove or knock down the enemy models after which mop up because the BD-1s are defeated.

The success charge of this mixture is about 70%, nevertheless it retains 4 factors for the subsequent wave. The BD-2 may cause hassle with its notorious wrist rocket, however simply do that setup once more if you happen to fail.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor How To Beat Tulakt Wave 1 2 3 Holotactics Halo Tactics Units

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Wave 2

The Rawka birds do the heavy lifting for Wave 2. Place two adjoining from the Bedlam Raiders. The cost assault permits the Rawka to immediately knock out the Bedlam Raiders. Subsequent, place two Stormtroopers on the far flanks on the entrance row to create a crossfire and enhance their likeliness to fireside their blasters. Lastly, place two BD-1 droids within the center slot on the back and front row. These act as the ultimate wave to filter out the remaining BD-1 droids together with Stormtrooper fireplace help.

When issues go effectively, this choice makes fast work of the enemy, however the success charge is roughly 60-70% as a result of bizarre issues can occur. The Rawka could randomly miss the Bedlam Raiders or get shot instantly, inflicting the spherical to be forfeit at that time. It normally works like a attraction although.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor How To Beat Tulakt Wave 1 2 3 Holotactics Halo Tactics

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Wave 3

The technique for this wave depends on a crossfire from two Heavy Stormtroopers on the again row on flank positions. You’ll additionally make use of a Rawka once more, although you should use two similar to within the earlier spherical (one for every Bedlam Raider). Add two Scout Troopers on the flanks of the entrance row as effectively. These will decelerate the Bedlam Raider with out instantly dying to blaster fireplace from the Commando droid like BD-1 melee models do. In the meantime, the Heavy Stormtroopers will riddle the whole lot with blaster fireplace. The BD-1 can also be simply there to distract enemies for the Heavy Stormtroopers.

This technique had a barely greater success charge than the opposite waves, however bizarre issues occur in Holotactics. It is because it simulates the identical fight models Cal fights within the precise recreation. There are doubtless higher Holotactics methods with 100% success charges, however that is a method learn how to beat Tulakt so you may get the Supplies reward and change again to the principle story in Jedi: Survivor if mini-games aren’t your factor.

We even have Jedi: Survivor guides on how to beat Caij in Holotactics, how to unlock the Jukebox for Greez’s cantina, and learn how to open the Chamber of Cause if you happen to’re caught up on these challenges.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is obtainable on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the EA app for PC.

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