Instructions to finish The Wounded Pilgrim mission in Lost Ark

Lost Ark has no lack of journeys to finish and places to go. The game is loaded with content, particularly in the late-game region. One of the main mission lines is the one that allows players their second Awakening expertise. These abilities open up entirely different open doors for annihilation, however they can be somewhat time-consuming to unlock as there are numerous singular journeys associated with it.

One of those missions is called The Wounded Pilgrim and it very well may be one of the more troublesome missions to finish. Not in light of any intense adversaries but rather on the grounds that it doesn’t work really hard at directing the player to the following goal on occasion. In the event that you’re battling to finish this mission, here is all that you want to know.

How to finish The Wounded Pilgrim quest

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The initial step to finishing this journey is to acknowledge it. To do that, you’ll have to converse with Queen Ealyn in Queen’s Castle. She will enlighten you concerning a traveler named Armen, who came to town harmed. From that point, she will send you to address the troll senior Balu in Parna Forest. On the off chance that you don’t recollect where he is, go to Point 1 on the above map.

He will review this Armen and point you toward the Herbalist Kobe, who is at Point 2 on the above map. Kobe has dubiously failed to remember anything about Armen, however perhaps assuming you present to them the 100 spices that were taken by sludges in the space it will refresh their memory. Sounds off-putting to me, however from here you simply need to crush for the spices by killing oozes in the area.

It shouldn’t accept you as long as it sounds. Each sludge will give you around five spices. When you have the necessary number of spices, return to Kobe. This appears to have given them the memory help they required on the grounds that now Kobe saw Armen being gone after by people who went after him. He takes more time for Point 3 on the above map.

If you address Kobe at this piece of the guide, they’ll simply remark that they are certain Armen was wounded around there. Turns out they’re quite close. Assuming you embrace the bluff close to Kobe and turn east, you’ll observe a little article that you can interface with. In the event that you hit a tree that has fallen over, you’ve gone excessively far. It won’t have a shining purple symbol like many mission markers do, however it actually shouldn’t accept you long to observe it.

That is Armen’s jewelry and the evidence you really want to show that he was to be sure gone after. Return it to Kobe and they will affirm that it had a place with Armen. They will give you a letter from Armen and guide you toward Twilight Isle toward assist you with tracking down his attackers. Peruse Armen’s letter and it will propel the journey objective to venture out to Twilight Isle.

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Once you are on Twilight Isle, you need to observe the individual called Quayside Old Man. You can track down them at Point 4 on the guide above. He will not be frightfully useful however talking with him will affirm that you’re perfectly located, at any rate. The journey goal will refresh to Investigate Twilight Isle. From here, you really want to track down Twilight Chapel to reveal the professional killers who went after Armen.

To continue with The Wounded Pilgrim past this point, you should initially have finished the leftover missions for Twilight Isle. Check your mission log and track down them. They include:

  • Dawn’s Call
  • Dusk’s Shadows
  • Twilight’s Dance
  • Twilight’s Touch

Once you’ve finished Twilight’s Touch, return to point 4 on the guide. Where the elderly person was, you’ll currently observe Tigaro, who will stop for a minute happened to Armen. Turns out Tigaro’s client needed Armen dead. Figuring out this data will finish The Wounded Pilgrim quest, however it will likewise start off the following part of the Awakening questline, so don’t believe you’re done just yet.

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