How to defeat Flux Construct I in Tears of the Kingdom

As you discover the Backyard of Time firstly of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll seemingly discover a large round platform with a stack of blocks on it, with certainly one of them emitting a pink searchlight. These blocks, which come to life and type numerous shapes to assault Hyperlink when he will get shut, collectively go by the title Flux Construct I. In all probability, Flux Construct I’ll function the primary overworld miniboss you encounter in Tears of the Kingdom. You’ll be able to attain the sector it resides on just by shifting a floating platform between it and the close by cliffside and leaping throughout.

Flux Construct I: Suggestions and Methods

All through the battle, the blocks that make up Flux Construct I’ll shapeshift into three completely different types. Each comes with its personal quirks and assaults, so you’ll have to method every one barely in a different way.

Humanoid Type

Flux Construct I’ll all the time begin out within the form of a humanoid, which is able to often assault by slamming its fist on the bottom once you’re at a distance. From my expertise, attempting to sidestep this assault and set off a flurry rush didn’t work. The truth is, the sidestep hindered me greater than it helped on this occasion, because the shockwave that the fist emits on impression would often ship me flying, no matter if I had my protect out. Typically, merely sprinting away from the assault will function your finest technique.

As soon as the boss slams its fist down, it’ll depart it there for a very good whereas, offering a window of alternative for a counterattack. The only glowing dice on its physique features as its core and weak level, and its location can be randomized each time. Typically, the boss will set the glowing dice on its fist, making it simple to focus on after the slam assault. Different instances, the dice can be located on certainly one of its toes. Hitting the glowing dice with an arrow will quickly stun the boss, however should you land a number of melee assaults or arrows in succession, the entire cubes will scatter, leaving the weak level weak for longer.

This section is at its trickiest when the boss places the glowing dice on its again, making it troublesome to focus on with arrows. Happily, your Ultrahand capacity can freely take away any one of many blocks from its physique, making it simpler to see the glowing block and land pictures on it. You’ll be able to even use Ultrahand on the glowing dice itself. When you seize onto it and shake it free with the fitting stick, the blocks will scatter immediately, which is far more environment friendly than doing the identical along with your weapons.

Tears Of The Kingdom Flux Construct I Humanoid

Screenshot by way of PC Invasion

Dice Type

After the blocks scatter and also you wail on the glowing dice for a bit, the boss has an opportunity of reforming into a bigger dice, which is able to tilt round and land on its sides in an try to crush you. Usually, you may merely look forward to the glowing dice to develop into degree with the bottom and assault it with melee weapons with out taking too lengthy and letting the boss crush you.

However, you may merely stand at a distance and scatter the cubes utilizing your arrows or the aforementioned Ultrahand technique. And since this type doesn’t transfer very quick and solely assaults in shut quarters, you’ll virtually by no means get hit should you do that. Because of this, I discovered the dice section to be by far the simplest of the bunch.

Flying Rectangular Type

Flux Construct I additionally has the possibility of remodeling into some type of flat rectangular form that stays suspended within the air. On this section, you may all the time see the glowing dice from beneath, so merely stroll near it and use Ultrahand to shake it free.

However, it’s good to keep cautious on this section, because the boss will ship a row of blocks sliding towards you once in a while. Slipping between the blocks can be sufficient to maintain you secure, however they deal fairly a bit of injury in the event that they hit you. When you don’t keep topped up with meals, you may simply get killed by this assault, which I discovered the arduous method.

What rewards do you obtain?

Identical to with different overworld minibosses in these more moderen Zelda video games, beating Flux Construct I in Tears of the Kingdom will principally reward you with supplies. On this case, the boss will depart behind Zonai-related supplies, together with Zonai Costs that may assist preserve your Power Cell battery topped up when utilizing Zonai devices. Moreover, the boss will drop its spiky, cylindrical core, which you’ll’t decide up by your self. However, should you fuse it with certainly one of your weapons, it’ll increase it with a pleasant, hefty assault enhance.

Tears Of The Kingdom Flux Construct I Flying Rectangle

Screenshot by way of PC Invasion

You don’t must defeat it to progress in the primary quest, and you’ll all the time come again to it later should you don’t really feel outfitted to battle it but. Happily, should you do select to take it on early, it’s greater than beatable even along with your low-level gear and hearts.

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