The most effective method to destroy things for materials utilizing The Devourer

As you investigate the universe of V Rising, you’ll get lots of plunder and increment your stuff score. The issue, nonetheless, is that there’s nothing else that you can do with your old things except if you discard them or hand them to workers. Fortunately, you’ll before long find a method for getting back certain assets. Here is our V Rising manual for assist you with destroying things to reacquire materials utilizing The Devourer.

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V Rising guide: How to destroy things for materials utilizing The Devourer

To fabricate The Devourer and destroy gear in V Rising, you’ll have to overcome a manager named Lidia the Chaos Archer. She can be followed through the Blood Altar, yet you really do have to have 20 stuff score or higher.

If she appears on the rundown, feel free to follow her. You’ll find her watching along the way between the little Bear Territory and Bandit Camp regions in Farbane Woods. Both of these areas are southwest of Bandit Copper Mine which you’ve probably visited earlier.

Vr Vamp Dsm Ldchar Devr 1a

Lidia the Chaos Archer is to some degree like Keely the Frost Archer. She’ll attempt to stay away while peppering you with shots. Here are her two outstanding abilities:

  • Triple Shot – Fires three bolts in fast succession.
  • Chaos Bolt – Circular frameworks will show up on the ground. These will detonate one after another.

The kicker is that her assaults will cause the Chaos Burn torment that makes your wellbeing decrease. Attempt to avoid any and all risks and utilize helpful capacities when you can.

V Rising Dismantle Gear Items Devourer Lidia The Chaos Archer 1

Defeat Lidia the Chaos Archer and feed on her to procure the Chaos Bolt capacity and The Devourer Blueprint. You’ll find the last option in the form menu’s Production – Refinement tab, and it requires 12x Plank and 6x Copper Ingot.

Once built, simply place any thing that you never again need inside it. Following a couple of moments, it’ll bite through your disposed of hardware and return a part of the unrefined components that were utilized in making (i.e., Animal Hide, Stone, Lumber, and more).

Note: If you would rather not destroy your stuff, you can get your controlled servants to equip them.

V Rising Dismantle Gear Items Devourer Lidia The Chaos Archer 2a

V Rising is accessible by means of Steam.

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