How to seek out and beat Rainmaker in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

Rainmaker is the Modern Warfare Zombies Warlord boss launched in Season 3 Reloaded. He could be arduous to seek out, get to, and beat, which is why I’ve created a complete information that will help you take down the Rainmaker in Modern Warfare Zombies and get his signature weapon blueprint.

How to seek out Rainmaker boss location in MWZ

  • Mwz Rainmaker Location
  • Mwz Rainmaker Fortress Location

The Rainmaker is in Rainmaker’s Fortress which is on the island within the southeast of the Urzikstan map. It’s on Raaha Island which is southeast of Shahin Manor. Similar to with Warlord Keres, Warlord Rainmaker isn’t too arduous to seek out.

How to get previous Rainmaker mortars, rocket launchers, and tripmines in MWZ

  • Mwz Rainmaker Mortars
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  • Mwz Rainmaker Traps

Attending to Rainmaker’s Fortress is straightforward, however getting via the troopers, mortars, rocket launchers, and tripmines is difficult. I extremely suggest approaching the island from the southwest aspect. That is the place the vast majority of mortars are. I obtained consistently bombarded by mortars when approaching from the north. If you end up near the mortars, the troopers gained’t use them on you.

The rocket launcher Anti-Tank enemies are simply as annoying because the mortars. I like to recommend taking them out first; they’re positioned on the roof of the principle constructing and close to the helipad on the southeast of the island. I like to recommend you employ one among the best loadouts at your disposal.

If a military of heavy troopers, mortar strikes, and rocket launcher assaults weren’t sufficient, you additionally must be careful for tripmines. Search for claymore pink traces and lengthy inexperienced traces on doorways. In my expertise, these are solely discovered on the surface and never inside the principle fortress which is a blessing.

How to unlock Rainmaker Fortress doorways in MWZ

Mwz Rainmaker Opening Rainmaker Fortress
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Getting within the Rainmaker Fortress is a three-part course of: First, go to a Mercenary Camp and get a Mercenary Stronghold Keycard, second, go to a Mercenary Stronghold and open the protected to get the Rainmaker’s Fortress Keycard, and third, go to the Rainmaker’s Fortress and open the doorways.

  • Mwz Rainmaker Mercenary Camp
  • Mwz Rainmaker Mercenary Stronghold Key
  • Mwz Rainmaker Mercenary Stronghold
  • Mwz Rainmaker Getting Rainmaker Fortress Doors Keycard

That is the one method you will get contained in the Rainmaker’s Fortress. Every enemy space will get progressively more durable — be careful for riot shielders on the Mercenary Stronghold and Rainmaker’s Fortress. I make fast work of them with Semtex or Thermite Grenades.

How to defeat Rainmaker and what weapon blueprint does he drop

Mwz Defeating Rainmaker
Screenshot: PC Invasion

When you’re inside, Rainmaker isn’t arduous to seek out or defeat. I extremely suggest selecting all of the enemies off one after the other and destroying the Sentry Weapons on the primary and second flooring. As soon as the coast is evident, head upstairs and unload your journal into the Rainmaker’s head to complete him rapidly.

Mwz Rainmaker Clean House
Screenshot: PC Invasion

With Rainmaker useless, you’ll get a Rift Reward that provides you with the Clear Home FAMAS weapon blueprint. I additionally obtained a Scorcher Weapons Case, however all of the rewards apart from the Clear Home are random.

That’s the way you tackle Rainmaker in Modern Warfare Zombies! Now, you’ll be able to attempt your luck at unlocking the three Season 3 Reloaded Schematics.

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