How to get a Chainsaw in Sons of The Forest

Sons Of The Forest Chainsaw Guide

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Sons of the Forest has a number of weapons that may flip your foes into mincemeat. One in all these is the Chainsaw. Rev it up and watch as your opponents’ limbs and heads flop and fly off. Right here’s our information that will help you get the Chainsaw in Sons of the Forest.

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How to get the Chainsaw in Sons of the Forest

The Sons of the Forest Chainsaw has a bunch of necessities earlier than you possibly can enter the situation that has it. We’ve outlined these steps beneath and, whereas we received’t go into an excessive amount of element, we’ve additionally linked the related guides in case you’d wish to know extra about these areas:

  • Get the Rope Gun so you should utilize Ziplines.
  • Get the Rebreather so you possibly can dive and breathe underwater.
  • After getting each, search for the Shovel. It enables you to unearth hidden passageways.
  • Upkeep Keycard – Now that you’ve got the Shovel, it’s time to go to numerous underground places. The first is a inexperienced marker that’s inland and to the southwest (assuming you’re wanting on the mountains/crash website to the north). That is additionally the place you’ll discover the Laser Sight attachment.
  • VIP Keycard – With the Upkeep Keycard, you’ll want to move to a different underground facility. From the place you bought the earlier keycard, you need to see one other inexperienced marker to the southeast. This place additionally has the Shotgun Rail and Virginia’s Floral Dress.
  • Open the 3D Printer room – Keep in mind the craftable gadgets just like the Flask and Sled? These are made utilizing the 3D Printer. Just one is accessible from the get-go, and it doesn’t require some other key. Return to that place: if we assume that the mountains and crash website are to the north, then it’s the inexperienced marker that’s barely southeast from the middle of the mountain vary.

You’re one step nearer to getting the Sons of the Forest Chainsaw. Again within the underground space with the primary 3D Printer, you need to see a well-lit hallway that results in a locked door. You should utilize the VIP Keycard to open it. Inside, you’ll encounter a couple of mutants, however nothing that’s too threatening, particularly if you have already got the Shotgun.

Proceed heading additional into the ability till you possibly can climb up and attain the swimming pool part. In case you go straight forward, you possibly can seize the Guitar and Visitor Keycard. And, in the event you head to the best, you possibly can unlock the door that results in one other hall.

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The right-hand facet path takes you to the exit, so don’t go there but. As a substitute, make your approach to the again. Inside is a lounge/house cinema the place a useless fella is sitting. You possibly can see the Chainsaw impaled straight by means of his chest.

Now that you’ve got the Sons of the Forest Chainsaw, it’s time to put waste to your enemies. Left-clicking does a easy slash, however right-clicking revs it up for a extra brutal assault. Don’t neglect to accumulate extra batteries so you possibly can recharge its power meter.

Sons Of The Forest Chainsaw Guide 2

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Sons of the Forest is accessible through Steam.

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