The most effective method to get all Minikits in C-3P-Oh no! in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

To get all the Minikits in the C-3P-Oh no! level in Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, you want to investigate Kijimi City completely during your main goal to find a backstreet droidsmith. Only one of these Minikits expects you to replay the level in Free Play. The other four can be in every way acquired in Story Mode, albeit some of them are more straightforward to get in Free Play.

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All five C-3P-Oh no! Minikit locations

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After you shoot the posts, change to Rey (or another Jedi or Dark Side person, assuming that you’re playing on Free Play), and go up the steps. Utilize the Force to move two of the cartons at the highest point of the steps to the contrary divider, then hop up on them and utilize the zipline to get to the housetop. The first Minikit is at the most distant finish of this rooftop.

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The second Minikit is in the higher of the two round openings in the northwest corner of the area where you meet the Kijimi Crooks. Do a twofold leap from the close by lines to get to it.

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The third Minikit must be gotten on Free Play. After you’ve crippled the light on the UA-TT (and finished the Right in the Eye Challenge), change to a Scavenger and make a net so you can scale to where the UA-TT was standing. Then, change to a Jedi or Dark Side person, and utilize the Force to lift the gonk droid through the upper round window. The gonk droid will rise out of the green entryway, conveying the Minikit.

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The fourth Minikit is on the opposite side of a silver entryway in the south mass of the fundamental patio. In the event that you’re playing in Free Play, you can simply change to a Villain and blow open the entryway with Grenade. Any other way, you can mask Finn as a Villain, and blow open the entryway in a similar way.

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In the little yard outside the droidsmith’s studio, there’s a carton. Use Rey (or another Jedi or Dark Side person) to move the case, then bounce from the carton to the bars on the divider, and move to the roof where the fifth and last Minikit is standing by. Gather every one of the five Minikits to open the TIE Dagger (Micro).

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