How to get Dragon Scales in Blox Fruits

Dragon Scales are a uncommon materials in Blox Fruits which can be extremely coveted by gamers. These scales can be utilized to improve weapons and acquire the Godhuman combating fashion. However, acquiring Dragon Scales in Blox Fruits is extremely tough and requires grinding. Right here is the place and how one can get Dragon Scales in Blox Fruits.

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How to collect Dragon Scales

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You need to defeat the Dragon Crew Archer and Dragon Crew Warrior enemies to acquire Dragon Scales in Blox Fruits. Each of those NPCs are solely discovered on Hydra Island within the Third Sea. Guarantee your character is well-equipped with the most effective fruit, sword, or combating fashion. Use your finest assaults and strategies to defeat these enemies whereas dodging their highly effective assaults.

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The Dragon Crew Archer

The Dragon Crew Archer is a stage 1600 NPC that seems female and makes use of the Fight Preventing Model as its melee assaults. They will use the Serpent Bow’s Z [Poisonous Blast]. To seek out them, head to the proper of the Pleasant Area or go behind the Island Empress’s Palace.

The Dragon Crew Warrior

The Dragon Crew Warrior is a stage 1575 NPC that seems feminine and makes use of the Longsword as their predominant weapon. They will use Longsword’s X transfer [Annihilate]. They’re the third set of mobs to farm after Pistol Billionaires. You could find them on the left and proper of the Pleasant Area.

It’s value noting that the Amazon Quest giver affords quests to defeat 8 Dragon Crew Archers and eight Dragon Crew Warriors, respectively. Finishing these quests rewards you with a sum of cash and a considerable amount of expertise. We suggest doing these quests whereas grinding for the scales as they’re extraordinarily uncommon, and you need to kill 100s of enemies.

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