How to get the Purple Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Maybe essentially the most mysterious and eccentric questline in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the coloured potato quest chain. It’s a must to receive varied completely different coloured potatoes and the sport doesn’t inform you how or why. The potatoes are rainbow coloured theme, so purple is of course on the listing. Right here’s find out how to get the Purple Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Purple Potato of Disney Dreamlight Valley quest begin

Initially, it is advisable have picked up the primary potato, the golden potato. Go to Scrooge’s Vault door inside his retailer behind the counter and work together with E to choose it up.

Golden Potato

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The Purple Potato quest begins within the cavern in Frozen Heights you first discovered Olaf in. It’s a must to press E on the purple portal that by no means went away.

Purple Potato Start

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Out of the blue, it asks you questions.

Purple Potato Start 2

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Now you is perhaps questioning, what within the hell are the solutions right here? And you’d be on the identical web page as me and everybody else. Don’t fear, the sport has you lined: it made this needlessly sophisticated.

So as to clear up this puzzle, you now have to search out ten books scattered all through the Valley map and use the highlighted phrases in them to unravel the immediately speaking portal’s riddle. So get able to quick journey and run everywhere in the Valley.

The place to search out the ten purple books

These wouldn’t have to be present in any particular order.

  • Floating ominously in the identical room you’re at the moment in.
  • Within the Plaza heart by the properly on close to the East exit off the platform.
  • Up the left staircase in Scrooge McDuck’s retailer.
  • On the ledge of the staircase into the Peaceable Meadow from the Plaza.
  • On the staircase from the Peaceable Meadow to Dazzle Seashore.
  • On the Dazzle Seashore dock subsequent to Goofy’s stall, beneath within the water.
  • Inside Ursula’s Collapse Dazzle Seashore, which is on the very northeastern finish of the Dazzle Seashore map, mendacity on prime of a picket plank within the sand.
  • On the entrance to the Glade of Belief from Peaceable Meadow behind the large tree.
  • On the rocks on the Glade of Belief waterfall border of the Sunlit Plateau (requires the second half unlocked, so that you want Scar’s friendship degree at 8).
  • Contained in the Sunlit Plateau Mines. This one is hard. Comply with the best route, then proper on the first fork, by the center space, after which flip left. Comply with the trail till the following fork to search out it hiding behind two poles.

Fixing the Purple Potato Riddle

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So if we put the e book solutions so as with the phrases the portal calls for, we get:

  • Experiment No. 146: Nobody would suspect one thing as mundane as a potato might maintain the important thing. I daresay it’s genius.
  • Experiment No. 243: The Forgotten is attending to me. I can’t rely alone reminiscence. I have to write all the pieces down in a e book lest I neglect…
  • Experiment No. 569: I have to depend on the logic of goals to guard it. Solely a dreamer can hope to revive the…
  • Experiment No. 892: A easy declaration of Higitus Figitus must be sufficient to…
  • Experiment No. 977: Tried to unlock the magical energy of fugu… Alas, outcomes proved disastrous…
  • Experiment No. 1,232: Rising drained. The crystal ought to permit me to channel the transfiguration energies…
  • Experiment No. 3,598: Spent right now foraging for all I have to make the Transfiguration Stones…
  • Experiment No. 3,599: Have to be extra diligent with my notes. The Forgetting almost made me neglect what I meant to do with all these components…
  • Experiment No. 4,232: Discovered a slightly tasty raspberry right now. Maybe the Evening Thorns haven’t strangled all of the life within the Valley simply but.
  • Experiment No. 5,232: Just one option to seal the magic. I’ll cover a code in these books. One thing nobody will ever consider…

And with that, the portal spits out an extremely ominous and unappetizing purple potato.

What do you even do with it? Mix it with an Empty Vial at a crafting station to make a Royal Purple Potion.

Purple Potion Craft

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This can be related to get the Rainbow Fox minion. However first you’ve extra oddly coloured potatoes to search out.

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