How to get to Resting Grounds in Hollow Knight

Featured How To Get To Resting Grounds In Hollow Knight

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The Resting Grounds is an space that’s sometimes accessed slightly later in Hollow Knight‘s most important story mode. Aside from housing the Dream Nail, it hides a particular NPC in addition to one boss that drops Essence when defeated.

Like different areas in Hollow Knight, the Resting Grounds has a number of entrances. Gamers might want to get sure talents, objects, and upgrades with the intention to traverse these adjoining areas, identical to in other Metroidvania games. As soon as all of the required stuff is obtained, attending to this grave-filled cavern will develop into a lot simpler.

How to succeed in the Resting Grounds in Hollow Knight

There are a selection of the way to get to the Resting Grounds in Hollow Knight. All of them (apart from one) require gamers to make vital progress within the sport. Ensure that to have the Mantis Claw, Mothwing Cloak, and Lumafly Lantern earlier than trying these.

Take a tram

Hollow Knight Tram Pass Location

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For the primary technique, gamers might want to get the Tram Cross in Deepnest’s Failed Tramway. To get there, you’ll must go the good distance round. From both of the Deepnest entrances, head down via the worm tunnels to succeed in a scorching spring with a close-by bench. Then, go left and make your manner up till you attain the tramway. The Tram Cross is on the leftmost aspect of the realm, inside a wrecked tram automobile.

After acquiring the cross, return to the Forsaken Crossroad and go to the tram station on the japanese finish. Board the automobile and hit the button—it’s going to cease proper on the Resting Grounds.

Drop down from Crystal Peak

Hollow Knight Crystal Peak Shortcut To Resting Ground

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For the Crystal Peak technique, gamers must pay the Crystallized Mound a go to. It’s on to the east of the Peak’s entrances. There’s a giant chasm in the midst of this space that leads on to the Resting Grounds.

Gamers want the Lumafly Lantern to get to the chasm because the cavern earlier than it’s pitch black. The lantern can also be used to enter Crystal Peak’s decrease entrance and fully bypass the necessity for Desolate Dive.

Undergo the key passage above Salubra’s hut

Hollow Knight Salubra Hut

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There’s a tiny hall proper above the bench and usually, it will probably solely be reached if the Monarch’s Wings have already been acquired. However, gamers can carry out a community-discovered shortcut that includes utilizing the Knight’s Shade as a boosting platform.

Die to a close-by enemy to spawn the Shade. Then, lure it to the hut, soar above the Shade, then hit it with assaults from above to propel the Knight upwards. Cross via the hall to succeed in Blue Lake. This technique could be very laborious to tug off, so it is likely to be higher to contemplate the opposite entrances as an alternative.

Use the elevator on the japanese aspect of the Metropolis of Tears

Hollow Knight City Of Tears Elevator

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The final path that results in the Resting Grounds in Hollow Knight is within the Metropolis of Tears within the type of an elevator shaft that goes straight down. Paradoxically, gamers must have already reached the Resting Grounds to unlock this two-way shortcut.

The highest of the shaft could be accessed by breaking the coffin cowl with Desolate Dive on the rightmost aspect of the Resting Grounds, just under the Seer’s abode. Upon reaching the underground tunnels, head left till you get to the elevator.

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