How to make Elon Musk in Infinite Craft

Making Elon Musk in Infinite Craft takes longer than I anticipated, nevertheless it’s value it. Trace: Elon Musk is the fashionable Tesla (I guess you gained’t guess what the mix is).

Infinite Craft: How to get Elon Musk

Getting Elon Musk in Infinite Craft is a course of, however you’ll unlock many constructing block components you may not have had earlier than. It’s a enjoyable journey attending to Elon Musk, and after getting him, you are able to do much more wacky issues. The mix for Elon Musk in Infinite Craft is Tesla and Greenback.

  • Telsa + Greenback = Elon Musk
How To Make Elon Musk In Infinite Craft
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you wish to preserve this tab open and use the picture above that will help you get to Elon Musk, be my visitor. I’ll element learn how to get what it’s good to ultimately get to Greenback and Tesla in Infinite Craft within the sections beneath.

How to get Greenback in Infinite Craft

Out of the 2 mixtures, Greenback is pretty simple. You do have to have US America unlocked which is a straightforward 10 step course of that you must use my information to get earlier than beginning. After getting US America, right here’s learn how to get Greenback.

  • Earth + Water = Plant
  • Plant + Plant = Tree
  • Tree + Tree = Forest
  • Forest + Tree = Wooden
  • Wooden + Water = Paper
  • US America + Paper = Greenback

How to get Tesla in Infinite Craft

After I first began writing this text, I had the trail be from Rain and Forest to Oxygen and Oxygen and Rock to Lightning. It was a 15-step course of at first simply to get Lightning which was a bit tedious.

Whereas experimenting whereas writing the information, I questioned should you might merely make Lightning by combining Cloud with Hearth… Seems you may. So now, attending to Lightning after which to Tesla is a three-step course of as an alternative of a 15-Step course of. You continue to have to get Galileo which isn’t as fast. You might want to mix Galileo with Lightning to get Tesla. Right here’s learn how to do it:

  • Lightning
    • Wind + Hearth = Smoke
    • Smoke + Wind = Cloud
    • Cloud + Hearth = Lightning
  • Galileo
    • Hearth + Water = Steam
    • Hearth + Earth = Lava
    • Lava + Earth = Stone
    • Lava + Stone = Obsidian
    • Steam + Obsidian = Glass
    • Glass + Hearth = Lens
    • Lens + Lens = Telescope
    • Telescope + Hearth = Solar
    • Telescope + Solar = Star
    • Star + Star = Galaxy
    • Galaxy + Telescope = Astronomer
    • Astronomer + Telescope = Galileo
  • Tesla
    • Galileo + Lightning = Tesla

Alright, you lastly have Greenback and Telsa. Put the 2 collectively and, growth, you have got Elon Musk. Good job! Now, make Iron Man and Tony Stark.

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