How to make John Cena in Infinite Craft

Though Infinite Craft allows you to make numerous totally different objects/personalities within the recreation, it definitely didn’t add many WWE Wrestlers to the record. However, fortunately, one of the well-known wrestlers of all time, John Cena, is offered to craft in Infinite Craft.

How to get John Cena in Infinite Craft

John Cena Recipe Infinite Craft
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If you’re a John Cena fan, you’ll be able to dwell your fanboy second in Infinite Craft as properly by making your favourite WWE celebrity within the recreation. Making John Cena in Infinite Craft is a comparatively straightforward course of and can solely take a couple of steps. The essential recipe to make him is Wrestler + Rest room. Earlier than making John Cena, you will want to craft these two objects individually.

How to make Wrestler

  • Water + Water = Lake 
  • Hearth + Hearth = Volcano 
  • Lake + Volcano = Island 
  • Island + Island = Continent 
  • Continent + Lake = America 
  • America + Earth = USA 
  • Earth + Wind = Mud 
  • Mud + Water = Mud 
  • Mud + USA = Sumo 
  • Mud + Sumo = Wrestler 

How to make Rest room

  • Earth + Water = Plant 
  • Plant + Water = Swamp 
  • Plant + Swamp = Venus Flytrap 
  • Plant + Wind = Dandelion 
  • Dandelion + Plant = Weed 
  • Mud + Weed = Clear 
  • Clear + Venus Flytrap = Rest room

Different wrestlers you can also make in Infinite Craft

Here’s a record of all the opposite Wrestlers we might discover in Infinite Craft. Understand that there could also be extra wrestlers who may be crafted within the recreation. These are solely those that we might discover.

Wrestler Enter 1 Enter 2
Dwayne The Rock Johnson Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Roman Reigns Gladiator John Cena
Triple H Triple Cheeseburger WWE
Randy Orton Rattlesnake WWE
Vince McMahon Money WWE
Batista Batman Wrestler
The Undertaker Undertaker Wrestler
Steve Austin Sphinx Stone Chilly
Brock Lesnar Metro Cash within the Financial institution
Hulk Hogan America Wrestler

If you’re a fan of DC, be sure to verify our guides on easy methods to make Batman and Superman in Infinite Craft.

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