How to Solve Charles Rookwood’s Trial Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Charles Rookwood's Trial Puzzles Guide

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Charles Rookwood’s Trial is a fundamental quest in Hogwarts Legacy. It represents the transition to the late-game stage of the marketing campaign, and there are additionally a number of puzzles that you could clear up. Right here’s our Hogwarts Legacy Charles Rookwood’s Trial puzzle information that can assist you full all of your duties right here so you possibly can end the search.

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Hogwarts Legacy information – How to unravel Charles Rookwood’s Trial puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy

The Charles Rookwood’s Trial puzzles and quest in Hogwarts Legacy turn out to be obtainable after ending a number of duties, together with The Helm of Urtkot, The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament, Within the Shadow of the Property (which ultimately results in the Crucio spell unlock), and some odds and ends.

When you’ve carried out all of the aims, speak to Professor Fig within the Map Chamber, and he’ll meet you in entrance of Rookwood Citadel (ensure you’re monitoring the search):

  • Take out the Goblins which might be guarding the outer space.
  • Forged Wingardium Leviosa to maneuver the crate and place it underneath the hole on the wall. Forged Levioso on it so you possibly can climb.
  • Defeat all of the enemies within the courtyard.
  • Enter the fort and speak to the portrait of Charles Rookwood.
  • Work together with the font of Historical Magic to get teleported to the dungeon.

Puzzle #1

Much like an earlier main quest, the Hogwarts Legacy Charles Rookwood’s Trial puzzles all contain the Veil Portal. Principally, every room has two variations, and also you’ll have to cross via the portal just a few occasions to provide you with an answer. You’ll additionally discover blocks/pillars that may be moved utilizing Wingardium Leviosa.

  • Work together with the Historical Magic font up the steps.
  • Undergo the portal to take away the barrier so you possibly can open the chest.
  • Transfer the block in order that it’s near the other edge.
  • Cross via the portal as soon as extra and climb up the pillar.
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Puzzle #2

  • Undergo the portal so the block to your left turns into movable. Deliver it nearer together with your spell. Return to the portal to make the chest materialize and open it.
  • Guarantee that the portal is blue, that means the block in entrance of you might be moved. Forged Accio/Wingardium Leviosa to tug the block towards you and thru the portal.
  • Hit the swap to alter the portal’s orientation, revealing a path ahead.

Puzzle #3

  • Hit the swap so the portal strikes to your proper, then make a handbook save (that is essential). You may open the chest, too.
  • Go to the best, passing via the portal as you achieve this. Forged Wingardium Leviosa and elevate the block increased till it’s on the platform. In the event you make a mistake, the block will fall down the pit and also you’d need to reload.
  • Cross via the portal once more so you possibly can open the chest.
  • As soon as extra, undergo the portal. Then, whilst you’re standing on the right-hand aspect, hit the swap. This may allow you to cross all the way in which to the subsequent space.

Puzzle #4

  • This Hogwarts Legacy Charles Rookwood’s Trial puzzle has a few Pensieve Knight enemies, however at the least one will all the time be invisible. That’s as a result of you could undergo the portal to see that foe.
  • After taking out the hostiles, go behind the portal however not via it (or at the least be certain it’s blue). Purpose on the block and pull it via the portal. Then, place it again in its unique place.
  • The rationale we did that is to make sure that the block will flip right into a pillar once we make the portal crimson.
  • Hit the swap to see if you happen to can climb on the ledge from the pillar.
  • When you’re up prime, don’t undergo the portal. Hit the swap once more so the platform connects to the other aspect.

Further chest

  • Within the subsequent space, it is best to see a small room to your left.
  • Look via the portal and hit the swap to make it spin.
  • Have a look at the portal and intention on the block as soon as it adjustments varieties. Pull it with Accio to drop it on the bottom.
  • Undergo the portal to show it right into a chest.
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One other Pensieve Guardian

While you’re completed with the duties, make your method to the massive chamber. There, you’ll combat a number of fits of armor. However, because of the portal mechanic, some will probably be invisible till you undergo. After destroying all of them, you’ll battle one other Pensieve Guardian boss. The primary variations listed below are that its section 2 assaults (i.e., an orb with a unique colour and seeker projectiles) might be forged through the first section.

Take out your foe and head to the ultimate room with a chest. Work together with the Pensieve and watch the cutscene. This concludes the Hogwarts Legacy Charles Rookwood’s Trial puzzles and quest.

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Hogwarts Legacy is accessible by way of Steam.

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