Minecraft: How to Get Honeycomb and What It’s Used For


The honey bee update for Minecraft was an incredible buzz all through the local area. Another horde being added to Minecraft is generally nothing to joke about, however every one of the new mechanics that came close by them was something that everybody needed to utilize. The colonies of bees and every one of the honeycombs they make were a remarkable serious deal for Minecraft and are as yet affecting new mechanics included future updates. Obviously, you can’t utilize honeycombs on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea how to get them and why you can utilize them, how about we go over what honeycombs are great for.

How to Get Honeycombs in Minecraft

It might appear to be easy to get honeycombs in Minecraft, you should simply break the colonies of bees is what you might think. In any case, you will be frustrated assuming you do it that way since all you will get is furious honey bees and nothing else and irate honey bees are more terrible than angry frogs. To appropriately reap honeycombs from a bee colony, you will require a few shears. To manage irate honey bees after you reap the honeycomb you will likewise require a pit fire as well.


Simply place the pit fire under the bee colony and light it. The smoke will go about as a genuine smoker to steady the honey bees and permit you to gather the bee colony without rankling the honey bees inside. All you have left to do is basically utilize the shears on the colony of bees to gather the honeycomb out of it. You can likewise utilize an allocator close to the colony of bees with shears in it to gather the Honeycomb. In the event that you utilize this strategy you don’t need to stress over the pit fire since the distributor is the one that would outrage the bees.


Once you have the honeycomb you can involve it in a plenty of making plans. You can encompass a line of honeycomb with wood to make a colony of bees of your own. You can consolidate one with a string to make a light. You can likewise utilize honey on copper squares to wax them and keep them from oxidizing any further. You can do this on a creating table or you can essentially grasp the honey and use it on the generally positioned copper block.

Finally, you can make four honeycombs into a honeycomb block, which can be put under note squares to transform the sound they produce into woodwind sounds. It will be a similar note previously chose on the square played through a woodwind all things considered. Assuming that you want any more assistance with Minecraft try to check out our other guides.

Minecraft is accessible now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, cell phones, and numerous other platforms.

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