Moogle Tomes of Tenfold Pageantry- Best gadgets and Duties

Ffxiv: Moogle Tomes Of Tenfold Pageantry Best Items And Duties

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The 6.4 spherical of Moogle Tomestones is themed after the tenth anniversary, and with it comes a whole step up from previous Moogle Tomestones. Each the gadgets out there and the quantity of tomes dropped from duties took a large improve. Let’s get into the Moogle Tomes of Tenfold Pageantry: the most effective gadgets and duties.

FFXIV tenth Anniversary Moogle Tomes of Tenfold Pageantry- Best gadgets

As typical, Moogle Tomes are obtained from sure duties after which exchanged for gadgets on the Itinerant Moogle within the three foremost Metropolis States. There’s a LOT price getting from this spherical, so listed below are the rewards for FFXIV‘s Moogle Tomes of Tenfold Pageantry.

Moogle Tomes of Tenfold Pageantry: The S Tier (Very worth it)

  • Fat Cat Parasol: 100 tomes. New to this event, this Fashion Accessory is only obtained by this event for now. If you think it’s cute, or for those who’re after gil, it should resell for lots.
  • The Earrings, Scarf of Wondrous Wit, and Taoist Moogle: 1 tome every. Beforehand unique to solely different Mog Tome occasions. They’re not vital, however that is your one likelihood to get them best.
  • Ten 12 months Anniversary Equipment: 10 tomes. Additionally an occasion unique and low-cost apart from at solely 10 tomes.
  • Fashionable Aesthetics- Each Methods: 100 tomes. A coiffure that solely drops from Bozja lootboxes. It sells for over one million assured.
  • Ballroom Etiquette- Inadequate Petticoats: Grants /shiver. 80 tomes. Drops from Eureka Pagos lootboxes. Don’t do Eureka Pagos for those who love your self. It is a far much less painful approach to get this emote.

The A Tier (Value it for those who don’t need to do the content material)

  • Ballroom Etiquette- Pointed Misgivings: Grants the /guard emote. 50 tomes. Usually 50 Bozjan Clusters. Particularly for those who’re not at or don’t need to learn to farm Bozjan Clusters, that is simpler.
  • Samurai Barding: 100 tomes. Acquired from Eureka Pyros. That’s loads of time to sink in simply to get to Eureka Pyros.
  • Tyrannosaurus Horn: 50 tomes. Obtained from Eureka Anemos lockboxes. Not as onerous to get as the opposite lockbox drops on this record, however nonetheless a time saver for those who’re not fortunate.
  • Sky Blue Parasol, Massive Shell Whistle, Ballroom Etiquette- Subsequent, Godliness, and Ballroom Etiquette- Uncouth Congratulations: All 50 aside from the Parasol at 30. Grants the emotes /broom and /highfive respectively. Obtained from Skybuilders’ Scrips within the Firmament. If you happen to don’t like The Firmament, that is actually another which will take much less time than grinding scrips.
  • Toad Head and Swimsuit: 30 every. These are obtained by doing a particular FATE in The Tempest. You might very effectively get all of the tomes earlier than the FATE spawns subsequent.
  • Fae Gwiber Trumpet: 50 tomes. This protects you having to coordinate a Dancing Plague Excessive celebration, which could very effectively be price it to some, signed somebody who farmed Titania for hours again when it was present content material simply to get this one.
  • Ballroom Etiquette- Extreme Petticoats: Grants /sweat. 50 tomes every. Your various is working the identical 10 flooring of Heaven-on-high 10 occasions.
  • Disembodied Head Resonator: 50 tomes. Like /sweat, in all probability much less time than doing Palace of the Lifeless repeatedly.
  • Warrior of Mild card: 100 tomes. A random likelihood from Gold tier Triad card pulls on the Gold Saucer. This one will depend on for those who care about Triple Triad and don’t need to waste the MGP, as a result of it’s loads of tomes.
  • Verdant Partition: 50 tomes. One of the vital extremely wanted and persistently costly housing gadgets. Usually you need to speedrun Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum on onerous mode to get it, or get fortunate with Kupo of Fortune. Both manner it’s RNG.
  • Shoebill: 50 tomes. A minion that drops from Amaurot. It’s a uncommon drop and saves you a lot dungeon runs or loads of gil.
  • Forgiven Hate: 50 tomes. Identical as above from Mt. Gulg, although it’s a bit cheaper to purchase off the market board.
  • The Backyard’s Gate Orchestrion: 7 tomes. It is a Bloodsworn reward from the Pixie Tribe quests in Shadowbringers. It’s essential to have all three of the Shadowbringers tribes at most to get this orchestrion. It should prevent loads of time, particularly for under seven tomes.
  • The Dancing Mad Orchestrions: 30 a chunk. All of them drop from Sigmascape v4.0 of the Omega raids, so for those who don’t need to do unsynched farming, that is simpler.
  • Fats Cat minion: 7 tomes. A uncommon minion whose strategies to acquire are all successfully RNG from retainer explorations or Firm Seal packing containers. It’s a very costly minion to resell and extremely wanted, although costs will seemingly crash with the occasion.
  • Treasure Field Minion: 7 tomes. Usually 440 Allied Seals. This isn’t an enormous quantity, however for under seven tomes? A steal.
  • The Paissa Minions: Usually a uncommon prize from Kupo of Fortune. They’re not too dangerous on the marketboard, however seven tomes every continues to be a steal.
  • Any of the Triple Triad Playing cards: Pretty low-cost and prevent some grinding by their regular strategies.

The F Tier (Not price it)

  • Fashionable Aesthetics- Fashion for Rent: Don’t waste 50 tomes on this. That is the Wolf Marks hair for 18,000 Wolf Marks. If you happen to play PvP in any respectable quantity, you’ll rapidly hit the required marks for this hair in a day.
  • The Furnishings: 20 every. Furnishings is rarely price tomes. Whereas technically low-cost by this occasion’s requirements, it’s actually not price it when you possibly can save for greater rewards and craft it usually later.
  • Solutions, To the Edge, and The Remaining Day orchestrions: 50 every. Every is a matter of farming its respective responsibility in hopes of the light model dropping. Nonetheless, you should purchase the light variations off the marketboard for an inexpensive worth and craft or get another person to craft the orchestrion.
  • Magicked Prism (Job Mastery) x10: Confetti. Get the earrings as an alternative.

Best duties to farm for Moogle Tomes of Tenfold Pageantry

The utmost quantity of tomes rewarded per responsibility is a whopping fourteen this time round, with a minimal of three.

  • Fourteen Tomes: Euphrosyne, The Tower at Paradigm’s Breach, The Orbonne Monastery, Dun Scaith, The Praetorium
  • Twelve Tomes: Aglaia, The Puppet’s Bunker, The Ridorana Lighthouse
  • Ten Tomes: The Copied Manufacturing unit, The Royal Metropolis of Rabanastre, The Weeping Metropolis of Mhach, Frontline maps
  • Eight Tomes: Containment Bay Z1T9 (Unreal), Each Endwalker foremost story dungeon, Castrum Meridianum
  • Six Tomes: Frontline maps, The Porta Decumana, Syrcus tower, The World of Darkness, The Void Ark, The Labyrinth of the Ancients
  • 4 Tomes: Anabaseiois raids
  • Three Tomes: Abyssos and Asphodelos raid sequence

Placing this all collectively, each single Alliance Raid drops some variety of tomes, so day by day Alliance Roulette is already a great way to farm tomestones. Frontlines continues to be an honest center floor of time sink versus rewards, as does The Porta Decumana. Nonetheless, I’d really say Containment Bay Z1T9 (Unreal) might be the most effective center floor of all. Everybody’s already used to Zurvan from being an present responsibility, and the merchandise degree necessities match up with different finish content material in Endwalker. It will depend on how effectively and effectively a celebration can run it, after all, and sticking with the fourteen tomes Alliance Raids or the Endwalker Dungeons could also be simpler to coordinate. But when the time can outperform its competitors, you could need to simply take into account putting Zurvan time and again.

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