New Vampire Survivors update adds new characters and a “secret menu option”

A short time back, Vampire Survivors received the 0.9 update, which caused it to seem like the 1.0 variant laid close to the corner. For reasons unknown, however, engineer poncle doesn’t have the full rendition prepared for Vampire Survivors players yet — update 0.10 has just been released. The individuals who expected the 1.0 form might feel frustrated by this news. Yet, fret not, the new update, named “The Not One,” includes many new mechanics to play with. These come as two extra characters, a new arcana, another weapon, two new accomplishments, and a “secret menu option” for Vampire Survivors.

At first, it might appear to be that the two new characters, Cosmo Pavone and Big Trousers, act as the most significant augmentations in the 0.10 update. However, the “secret menu option” is the superstar this time. Assuming you wish to waste your time and sort out this mystery for yourself, then, at that point, you can quit perusing here.

Spoilers ahead

This new Vampire Survivors secret is really an unlockable cheat menu that can enact various cheats both valuable and futile. A few of these cheats permit players to skirt the possibly requesting open necessities of certain characters and elements and use them straight away. The people who have attempted to open the Boss Rash mode remembered for the last update will find this component particularly supportive. One cheat, however, verifies UI components turn set up for a brief period. Which, I mean, why not?

You can track down a rundown of each and every cheat, or “spell,” added in the new Vampire Survivors update here. With everything taken into account, players have many new cheats to attempt (precisely 40 altogether), so the individuals who need a touch of additional assist on their excursion with canning unreservedly enact whichever ones they wish.

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