Red Dead Redemption 2 Gold Bars – where to find and sell Gold Bars

The quickest method for bringing in cash in Red Dead Redemption 2 is tracking down Gold Bars. A solitary Gold Bar goes at a pace of $500 in a solitary deal, however that doesn’t imply that they’re not difficult to track down. With a lot of Gold Bars around, there are four Treasure Hunt journeys that reward various of them eventually. Follow our manual for figure out how to begin those Treasure Hunt missions, and how to acquire and sell all of the Gold Bars.

RDR2 Gold Bar Locations

Gold Bars are compensated in four fundamental journeys of RDR2. You need to gather the Treasure Map for every one first to start the quest.

Where To Find Gold Bars In RDR2

The generating areas of Gold Bars are fixed, so that implies that they will constantly be something similar.

Treasure Maps:

RDR2 has a devoted segment for Treasure Maps. Like side-journeys, Treasure guides will give you the most extreme measure of Gold Bars in the game. There are four expedition missions, so follow the rundown beneath to get Gold Bars.

1). The Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map:

  • Rewards: 2 Gold Bars
  • How To Start: Find Maximo and purchase a fortune map from him. You can track down him toward the west of Flatneck Station before Dakota River. Match the portrayals on the guide to procure the reward.

2). The Poisonous Trail Treasure Map:

  • Rewards: 4 Gold Bars
  • How To Start: To start Gunslinger’s Side Quest – The Noblest of Men, and a Woman by visiting the second cantina in Valentine. Find Calloway an essayist and he will advise you to find a gathering of Gunslingers. The mission will acquaint you with Flaco Hernandez who is concealing in a cabin at Cairn Lake in The Grizzlies. Look for the Poisonous Trail Map in this hut.

3). Odd Statues Treasure Map:

  • Rewards: 3 Gold Bars,
  • How To Start: Go to Window Rock, which is found northwest of Fort Wallace, underneath Granite Pass. You will discover some cavern works of art set apart as Strange Statues. Note them in your diary and afterward proceed with the mission for the reward.

4). Le Tresor Des Morts Treasure Map:

  • Rewards: 6 Gold Bars
  • Quest Info: Only accessible to the individuals who had pre-requested the RDR2 Special or Ultimate Edition. This guide offers you the biggest number of Gold Bars.
  • How To Start: To start you need to find the fortune map first, go to Limpany, it is an old torched town north of Flatneck Station. Go to Sheriff’s office and find the depository, it has a gold bar inside. Go to Jailhouse and find two dead detainees in the cells. One of them has the guide that will begin this quest.

Where To Sell Gold Bars In RDR2

After you’re finished gathering your reserve of Gold bars, you should visit a retailer who can transform them into cash. These unique shopkeeps are called ‘fences’, and read on to find out where to find them.

Where To Sell Gold Bars

The just individuals who will purchase Gold Bars from you are the alleged Fences. The secretive retailers will give you $500 for every Gold Bar. Sell enough of them, and soon enough you’ll be carrying on with the rich cowpoke life, with a lot of money left to buy weapons, ponies, overhaul your camp, and so forth. Walls are accessible in Saint Denis, Emerald Ranch, Van Horn, and Rhodes.

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