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For a recreation that obtained its begin simply sending gamers throughout the map to dig up treasure and return it for a charge, Sea of Thieves does an admirable job of establishing expansive and fascinating storylines today. Generally these come within the type of its longer-form Tall Tales, however extra lately Adventures have been shouldering the burden of an over-arching narrative for the sport.

That is all effectively and good, however as a consequence of the limited-time nature of Sea of Thieves’ Adventures, that intriguing story could be a little bit tough for latecomers to get into. At finest, they’ll get a one-line summation of the earlier Journey from the in-game menu, however contemplating the twists and turns that happen over the course of a number of questlines, you would possibly hope for one thing slightly greater than that. Fortunately, we’ve obtained the lowdown on what’s occurred up to now in Sea of Thieves’ Adventures, so you’ll be able to bounce into the most recent providing with a transparent conscience and head stuffed with lore.

The story up to now in Sea of Thieves’ Adventures

Shrouded Islands

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Shrouded Islands was the primary Journey added to Sea of Thieves. The story centered round Golden Sands Outpost and a mysterious mist often called the Fog of the Damned which descended on a number of islands. Formally introducing the likes of Belle and the Servant of the Flame, Shrouded Islands additionally confirmed off the potential for Adventures in reshaping the world of Sea of Thieves, bringing the Sea Forts into the world of the dwelling for good.

Forts of the Forgotten

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Forts of the Forgotten noticed pirates coming to the rescue of the denizens of Golden Sands, imprisoned within the then-newly-added Sea Forts across the Sea of Thieves. Tantalizing particulars of the plans of Captain Flameheart and the Reapers additionally trickled in, together with the curious point out of one thing identified solely because the Veil of the Ancients.

The Shrouded Deep

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The Shrouded Deep introduced again fan favourite Merrick for one final haul — searching down the legendary Megalodon, the Shrouded Ghost, with a view to lay declare to the Veil of the Ancients apparently languishing within the beast’s stomach. Combating off Ghost Ships and assembly the flamboyant captain Sir Arthur Pendragon, gamers would finally return the Veil of the Ancients to the fingers of the Pirate Lord for safekeeping, albeit with out the Veil Stones that gave it its energy.

Misplaced Sands

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Misplaced Sands was a milestone for Sea of Thieves Adventures, offering the primary alternative for a community-driven choice that affected the story considerably. Merrick finds himself in competitors with the Servant of the Flame for the soul of Golden Sands Outpost, now he’s discovered a solution to hopefully carry the mysterious fog from the island. Gamers might select whether or not to help Merrick or the Servant, with Merrick’s Hunter’s Path finally taking the win as soon as the Journey ended, permitting for the rebuilding of the outpost.

The Forsaken Hunter

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After his successes in Misplaced Sands, The Forsaken Hunter sees Merrick mysteriously disappear. On this Journey, gamers will hunt him down throughout the Sea of Thieves, coming throughout Belle as soon as once more and studying about the mysterious and deadly Dark Brethren. Merrick’s destiny appears vastly imperiled, and by the tip of the Journey he’s imprisoned within the Sea of the Damned on the behest of the Darkish Brethren. Scared of the secrets and techniques he would possibly spill to his captors, Belle begins engaged on a solution to get him dwelling.

A Hunter’s Cry

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A Hunter’s Cry noticed the grand try and rescue Merrick from the Sea of the Damned and the machinations of the Darkish Brethren. The Hunter was saved from an ignominious destiny and the Brethren pressured to retreat, however out of worry of what they may do for the secrets and techniques hidden away in his head, Merrick opts to enter hiding.

The Sirens’ Prize

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The Sirens’ Prize returned focus to Belle, Captain Flameheart, and the Reapers again on the Sea of Thieves. With Merrick safely squirreled away, gamers might now enterprise beneath the waves with Belle after discovering out a few nasty-sounding prophecy. Importantly, the occasions of the Journey noticed pirates getting the Ancients on their facet to assist bolster the ranks earlier than the doable resurrection of Captain Flameheart alluded to within the prophecy.

Herald of the Flame

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The eponymous Herald of the Flame was none aside from Stitcher Jim, final seen within the Heart of Fire Tall Tale. On this Journey, Jim was found being stricken with Ashen Curse, and within the strategy of readying and restoring Captain Flameheart’s bodily kind prematurely of his potential resurrection. The deeds of pirates keen to tackle the Herald of the Flame put pay to Jim’s makes an attempt to revive Flameheart, however even in defeat, he was in a position to set issues in movement for the subsequent Journey, which might see a race towards time to try to cease the Captain’s return.

Return of the Damned

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Return of the Damned noticed Belle and Sir Arthur Pendragon combating towards time to cease the resurrection of Captain Flameheart by the Reapers. Gamers have been ready to decide on which facet to assist, conquering Sea Forts and discovering highly effective relics often called Bewitching Dolls within the identify of their chosen trigger. The result of this one had the potential to form the destiny of the complete Sea of Thieves, as not solely would the return of Captain Flameheart spell catastrophe for a lot of, however Pendragon’s personal soul hung within the stability too. In the end, the attract of the Servants of the Flame proved an excessive amount of for gamers to withstand, and Captain Flameheart was returned to the world of the dwelling to wreak havoc on the excessive seas as soon as once more.

The Rogue’s Legacy

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In a change of surroundings, The Rogue’s Legacy strikes away from the chaos of the continued Battle for the Sea of Thieves. As an alternative, it follows the story of Tasha, the tavern keeper at Historic Spire Outpost. After attempting to finish a quest left to her in her childhood by the legendary Captain Briggsy, Tasha succumbs to a skeletal curse. With assistance from Madame Olivia of the Order of Souls, gamers needed to search out three artifacts of Briggsy’s with a view to try to discover a treatment for the situation.

The Secret Wilds

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The hunt for a treatment for Tasha’s skeletal curse continues to be going robust, however time will not be on her facet. Fortunately, Madame Olivia was in a position to divine some new clues from the reminiscences recalled within the earlier Journey. Utilizing Briggsy’s masks, gamers should head for The Wilds in quest of a treatment for Tasha’s situation earlier than it’s too late. Alongside the way in which, count on to dig up some historical past on the mysterious Ancients — maybe they knew of a treatment?

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