Stray: How to get the cap and coat

stray how to get hat jacket

stray how to get cap jacket

A journey in the later piece of Stray requests that the player get hold of a coat and cap to permit a robot to sneak in to production line. While the cap some portion of the journey is genuinely intelligent the coat may making them scratch your head as there are no pieces of information what to do. Try not to worry, we have you covered!

Stray: How to get the hat

This is genuinely simple and expects you to visit, who could have imagined, the cap shop. Nonetheless, when you arrive a robot will impede you way in so what you want to do is focus on the left of a shop where another robot is whining that his accomplice has evaporated so he can’t wrap up dumping a conveyance. He proposes you head to the bar, so hurry across to that area and stroll past the principal region where the punters are sat and through an entryway at the rear of the room.

Here you will find a robot who has dropped from drinking excessively. To awaken him, bounce on the rack and utilize your paw to push a case of containers on to his head. He will awaken and you can now follow him back to the cap shop. The two robots will presently begin conveying caps to the shop and will put a container on the ground, so immediately hop in the case and trust that the robot will get your crate and convey you past the robot bouncer. When inside the shop, leave the crate, stroll up the window and snatch the hat.


Stray: How to get the jacket

The coat can be found in the attire store yet assuming you attempt and take it the retailer will get you and stand before the coat, impeding your advancement. There is no undeniable arrangement except for what you really want to do is head back to the residing quarters where the three hip-jump robots are standing. They will let you know that three cameras are keeping an eye on them, and on the off chance that you dispose of them you will get a decent treat.

The cameras are genuinely simple to find, two are on the main level and the third is on the subsequent level. Hop on the cameras and afterward leap off once more and they will be annihilated. Go to the three robots and they will give you a music cassette.

Now head back to the dress store and head through an entryway at the rear of the shop. Here you will find a cassette player, so utilize the tape in the deck and music will begin playing. The retailer will currently pass on his situation and head towards you to stop the uproarious music. Race past him and you can now get the jacket!

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