Tears of the Kingdom – All Zonai Dispenser Locations in TotK

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom launched Zonai Units. These things are on the coronary heart of Hyperlink’s means to fabricate automobiles from random rocks and planks of wooden. Nonetheless, they don’t simply seem out of skinny air. They have to be collected from Zonai Machine Dispensers throughout Hyrule and the Sky Islands areas. This information outlines the places of all of the Zonai Machine Dispensers within the recreation, so gamers can discover each single one.

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What are Zonai Machine Dispensers in TotK

Zonai Machine Dispensers are colossal stone mechanisms in Tears of the Kingdom. Each offers Hyperlink a set of containers which have Zonai Units inside in change for Construct materials. Within the tables under, we’ve listed all of the Zonai Machine Dispenser places we’ve discovered within the recreation so gamers can rapidly construct up a group to assist them progress additional, deeper, and better within the lands of Hyrule.

The way to use Zonai Machine Dispensers

To make use of a Zonai Machine Dispenser, gamers should put as much as 5 objects into them. Then, these 5 objects will trigger a set of containers to drop out, which is able to themselves include the Zonai Units gamers search. From our time with Tears of the Kingdom, we’ve discovered that gamers have to put as much as 5 Assemble Supplies into the Zonai Machine Dispenser so as to get something helpful out of it. Different objects don’t work.

Within the desk under, we’ve listed each mixture of things it’s potential to make use of in a Zonai Machine Dispenser and the Zonai Units we got consequently.

All Zonai Machine Dispenser Inputs & Outputs

Enter Sources Zonai Units Output
5 Soldier Assemble Horns
2 Moveable Pot Capsules, 2 Flame Emitter Capsules, and 1 Fan Capsule
5 Captain Assemble I Horns
2 Wings, 2 Followers, and 1 Moveable Pot

All Zonai Machine Dispenser Locations

Screenshot by way of Nintendo’s YouTube channel

The Zonai Machine Dispensers are scattered throughout Hyrule. We’ve damaged up the places of every one by area under.

Zonai Machine Dispenser Locations within the Lands of Hyrule

Within the desk under, gamers can discover the situation of each Zonai Machine Dispenser within the Lands of Hyrule. That is the bottom degree in Tears of the Kingdom the place most cities, villages, and Hyrule’s peoples stay.

Zonai Machine Dispenser Location The way to Attain it
Hudson Development Web site Zonai Machine Dispenser
3801, 1563, 0091
When gamers attain Tarrey Town, they’ll discover this Zonai Machine Dispenser not too far-off. Take the rail cart right down to the development website, and the Dispenser will probably be over to the left of the place it drops Hyperlink off.

Zonai Machine Dispenser Locations within the Sky Islands

The next desk accommodates each Zonai Machine Dispenser location we’ve found on the islands above Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom.

Zonai Machine Dispenser Location The way to Attain it
Eldin Sky Machine Dispenser
1975, 1219, 1251
To succeed in this Zonai Machine Dispenser, gamers might want to use mine carts and launchers to work their approach over two Sky Islands till they attain the final one with the Dispenser.
Hyrule Ridge Machine Dispenser
-2364, 0787, 0611
This Zonai Machine Dispenser is positioned on Braveness Island, a location Hyperlink can attain through the use of the Lindor’s View Skyview Tower.
Hebra Mountains Sky Machine Dispenser
-3860, 2681, 0702
This Zonai Machine Dispenser might be simply discovered within the sky islands above Rospro Move Skyview Tower, near Rito Village.
Lanayru Nice Spring Sky Machine Dispenser
2912, 0509, 0951
To get to this Zonai Machine Dispenser, gamers want to make use of the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower to get into the sky after which glide towards the big sphere. The Machine Dispenser is inside, so Hyperlink must time his gliding and falls appropriately to enter this sphere.
Hyrule Ridge Sky Machine Dispenser
-2364, 0787, 0611
Hyperlink wants to make use of the Lindor’s Forehead Skyview Tower to entry this area of Hyrule’s sky. There’s a sky island close by that can direct Hyperlink to the situation of this Zonai Machine Dispense that hyperlinks up with Courage Island.
The Nice Sky Island Machine Dispenser 1
0441, -1679, 1443
Gamers will come throughout this Zonai Machine Dispenser on their approach to the ultimate Shrine on The Nice Sky Island.
The Nice Sky Island Machine Dispenser 2
0774, -1262, 1579
Gamers ought to attain this machine after finishing the fourth Shrine on The Nice Sky Island. They might want to use it to succeed in the Temple of Time.

And that’s it! Try our different The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom guides under to assist with crafting, exploring, and tackling challenges throughout Hyrule.

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