Tears of the Kingdom – Best order to seek out Geoglyphs and Dragon’s Tears

One of many delights of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is discovering the backstory of Ganondorf and the way his risk first emerged in Hyrule. These are revealed by way of flashback recollections present in Geoglyphs, just like how previous occasions had been proven in Breath of the WIld, however that additionally means you’ll be able to find yourself witnessing occasions in a blended up vogue. Honestly, there isn’t any “best” order for this, however there’s a chronological one.

What are Geoglyphs and Dragon’s Tears?

Revealed to you when you handle to get again to the floor of Hyrule, Geoglyphs are big drawing made within the panorama that may solely actually be seen from afar. Actual world examples embrace the Cerne Abbas Big in Dorset, England, and that’s been transposed into Tears of the Kingdom.

Every Geoglyph in Tears of the Kingdom permits you to entry a imaginative and prescient from the distant previous, revealing a snippet of occasions that happened aeons in the past, however you might want to discover the Dragon’s Tear to witness them.

Learn how to discover the Dragon’s Tears in Tears of the Kingdom

Right here’s the great new: In case you observe the principle questline from the beginning of the sport, you’ll go to the primary Geoglyph after which head right into a Forgotten Temple that provides you a map of the place all of the Geoglyphs are on the earth. We’ve acquired that map for you right here:

Tears of the Kingdom Geoglyph Map

Since you’ll be able to solely actually recognize the Geoglyphs from far-off and excessive up, the bottom line is to get excessive within the sky and look down upon them. One of the best methods to do this are usually from the closest Skyview Tower or from one of many many floating sky islands, after which to dive or glide down.

When you’re excessive up you should use the Purah Pad to zoom in and examine the Geoglyph. Notinve that every one options a variety of totally different teardrops – you’re searching for a tear that’s ‘filled in’ whereas the others are hole. Head to that teardrop and also you’ll discover a small puddle to work together with, treating you to a flashback cutscene.

What’s the greatest order to seek out the Tears of the Kingdom Geoglyphs?

There isn’t actually a “best” order to seek out the Dragon’s Tears cutscenes in – the story has ben written as a way to piece collectively occasions as you discover them in any order, and you may at all times view cutscenes once more from the Journey Log.

However, in the event you do wish to discover them within the chronological order, we’ve marked these down for you.

Tears of the Kingdom Dragon's Tears best order

Simply go to the Geoglyphs within the order famous on this map, and also you’ll discover out what occurred up to now of Hyrule within the “correct” order.

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