Tears of the Kingdom – How To Solve the Orochium Shrine Puzzle

Tears of the Kingdom’s shrine puzzles usually throw so many components your approach it’s simple to get overwhelmed. Although Orochium Shrine isn’t too troublesome to succeed in, issues get difficult as soon as inside.

This tiny, oval-shaped rock all of the sudden turns right into a multi-room, puzzling nightmare. It’s no marvel Orochium Shrine’s gigantic doorways, laser beams, and ball pits baffle gamers. Simply how do these components come collectively?

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How to Discover Orochium Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

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Orochium Shrine is within the Hebra Mountains area of Hyrule, proper subsequent to the Snowfield Steady. The quickest technique to attain it’s to teleport to the Pikida Stonegrove Skytower and glide south till this shrine is reached.

How to Solve Orochium Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

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Strolling into Orochium Shrine, you’ll be welcomed by an enormous door. Ultrahand will get the doorways opened, however the lasers block the way in which. So as an alternative, take a left and stroll down that hallway, killing the Assemble Soldier II close by.

Use the platform close to the top to Ascend to greater floor, then take the steps up. The one approach ahead is to crawl by a tiny gap, then drop down and glide to the left. 

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On this new space, there are two smaller doorways earlier than you. Assemble Troopers II guards the left and proper hallways. However upon killing the one to the best, a chest with 5 arrows will change into accessible.

Use Ultrahand to open the doorways on the middle of the realm. As a substitute of avoiding the lasers, enable your self to fall. This can open up a brand new room with a treasure on the finish. Ascend the platform to succeed in the treasure chest, including a small key to your stock. Ascend by the ceiling earlier than the platform with the chest to go again up. 

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Use the small key to open the inexperienced door caging the metallic ball. Clear the zone of enemies to maneuver freely. As soon as all Construct Soldiers II have been defeated, use Ultrahand to seize the metallic ball and drop it on the inexperienced lifts within the again room.

Hop in, and as soon as upstairs, get off the raise. The metallic ball ought to go within the ball pit machine, granting entry to a fan-propelled glider. 

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Take the glider out, connect the identical metallic ball to it, and hop in. Glide to the primary flooring and place the metallic ball within the remaining ball pit machine to succeed in the top of the Orochium Shrine.

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