The XIII redo is getting a goliath update with enhancements and multiplayer content this September

Remember the XIII remake? Kid, I sure do. It returned out in November of 2020 and immediately became one of the most panned games around. From plentiful bugs and other serious specialized issues, to the way that it was very more awful than the game it changed in virtually every manner, things were very calamitous for the title. Engineer PlayMagic guaranteed the game would be fixed. An update or two was delivered, however radio quietness before long followed and it created the impression that any interest in fixing the game was down and out. However, distributer Microids uncovered today that that is not really the situation. The XIII remake is set to get a significant update with new enhancements and multiplayer content soon.

Developer PlayMagic, in any case, hasn’t been engaged with XIII for quite a while. All things being equal, Microids has put Tower Five, engineers of the procedure game Lornsword Winter Chronicle, responsible for the impending update and ports of the XIII change. Microids has uncovered that Tower Five has really been dealing with the fix, which is for the PC and control center renditions, for more than a year now.

According to the distributer, “The development studio reworked the entire game from the Art Direction to the AI and added numerous technical improvements. Finally, Tower Five implemented the highly awaited online multiplayer mode for up to 13 players.”

Back from the dead

The XIII remake update with multiplayer content will be free for all proprietors of the game, in addition to it’ll send off on Nintendo Switch, which I’d bet is an enormous piece of the justification for this work. It’s somewhat astonishing that a completely different studio has been meticulously upgrading the game for north of a year plus creating multiplayer. Yet, hopefully the title is presently at long last playable rather than what we got back in 2020. At any rate, it couldn’t deteriorate, isn’t that so? I just cursed it didn’t I?

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