What GT7 tracks support late evening hustling and 24h day-night cycle?

While GT Sport let you race at various set seasons of day, Gran Turismo 7 brings back powerful time changes and the capacity to race as the night progressed. Notwithstanding, in regular Polyphony Digital design, just some of the circuits include evening time hustling and an entire 24 hour day-night cycle. Which tracks are they?

What are the choices for dynamic time in Gran Turismo 7?

There are different time choices for various circumstances and modes in Gran Turismo 7. Through a large portion of the game, while taking on races for the Menu Books, you’ll race at explicit times and in not set in stone by Polyphony Digital. It’s the point at which you set up a Custom Race from the World Circuits or while making an online multiplayer anteroom that you can choose from various preset weather patterns, set seasons of day, and decide to have custom weather.

All circuits support the progression of time, yet to changing degrees. All circuits have morning through to nightfall or sundown, while most circuits then can race into the night too. Nonetheless, a track that has “Night” won’t then proceed with its time change through to the next morning and will rather stop. For 24 hour races, the tracks need to likewise have “Midnight” and “Dawn”. Some likewise have “Early Dawn”.


Gran Turismo 7 Lobby Settings

Laguna Seca doesn’t uphold 24 hour dashing, however you can in any case accelerate time by 10 times.

There’s a ton of presets to browse, and you will likewise see a possibility for Variable Time Speed Ratio. This permits you to speed up time by up to multiple times. This implies that one hour will pass shortly at its quickest and you’ll race so that 144 minutes all together might be able to see an entire 24 hour cycle on tracks that help it.

Which tracks highlight 24 hour and night racing?

Only a limited handful tracks support evening dashing, and the full 24 hour time cycle. These are:


  • Blue Moon Speedway
  • Colorado Springs
  • Daytona
  • Northern Isle Speedway
  • Special Stage Route X


  • Circuit de la Sarthe *
  • Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
  • Nurburgring 24h (not Nordschleife or GP circuit)

Asia and Oceania

  • Mount Panorama
  • Tokyo Expressway

* We haven’t opened this tracks yet, however accept/expect this to be the situation and will affirm ASAP.

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