What to Answer to Vincent in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Have been you caught by Vincent and now he’s asking who your enemy is? Don’t fear, verify beneath what to reply Vincent in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

When gamers arrive in Nibelheim, they’ll encounter a pivotal second after they achieve entry to the Shinra Mansion. Right here, they’re launched to a mysterious character named Vincent Valentine.

Who Ought to You Inform Vincent that the Enemy Is in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

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Vincent, a former member of the Turks, poses a query to the participant’s character, Cloud: “Your foe? And who his foe might be?” This query affords three potential responses: Shinra, Wutai, or Sephiroth. Every alternative triggers a unique response out of your workforce members, however none alter the sport’s consequence.

When you declare Shinra as your enemy, Cait Sith, who works for Shinra, turns into uneasy. This response may additionally upset Vincent as a result of his previous affiliation with the Turks. When you select Wutai, Yuffie will categorical her displeasure, prompting Cloud to assert that he’s joking (although it’s not a very humorous joke, Cloud). Nevertheless, in case you determine Sephiroth as your enemy, no further dialogue is triggered.

Whatever the chosen response, Cloud finally reveals that Sephiroth is certainly the enemy. This revelation compels Vincent to help Cloud and his workforce. Though Vincent doesn’t change into a playable character, he joins the group as a companion for the rest of their journey.

This interplay highlights the intricate narrative and character dynamics that make Final Fantasy VII Rebirth a fascinating expertise for gamers. It demonstrates how the sport’s dialogue decisions can affect character relationships and the way celebration members react to every scenario.

So, when Vincent asks, “Your foe? And who might that be?” within the Shinra Mansion, do not forget that your reply will resonate along with your workforce members, but it surely received’t considerably alter the story, apart from eliciting a response from Yuffie or Cait Sith. You need to use this chance to see Cloud attempting to be humorous or Cait Sith nervous, however ultimately, Cloud will at all times say that the actual enemy is Sephiroth.

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