When will the Tataru’s Grand Endeavor side journey story be accessible in Final Fantasy XIV? Addressed

Tataru is one of the most dearest characters in Final Fantasy XIV, and its an obvious fact that she has outrageous ability with a sewing needle. Nonetheless, there hasn’t been as need might arise for extravagant attires since the Warrior of Light has deflected the last days and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn are spread across Eorzea. Fix 6.1 guaranteed a stupendous story for players and Tataru, and it appears as though they will not need to stand by significantly longer. The Tataru’s Grand Endeavor side mission story is accompanying Patch 6.15 on June 7.

What is Tataru’s Grand Endeavor?

Fans can theorize what Tataru’s arrangements are in the Tataru’s Grand Endeavor story. She actually invests the majority of her energy at Rising Stones, yet additionally has set up an attire shop in Old Sharlayan. It appears to be normal that this storyline will spin around assisting her with developing her business or expanding money vault assets to support a reason. Tataru is a business engineer, and the Warrior of Light makes certain to be a significant assistance in anything plan she has cooking in the oven.

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Tataru’s Grand Endeavor accessible with Patch 6.15

Patch 6.1 contains a great deal of remarkable substance, and Square Enix has spread it out across various smaller than usual patches to try not to overpower players. Fix 6.15 adds a huge part of the leftover guaranteed content. Tataru’s Grand Endeavor is quite possibly the earliest significant side story to deliver beyond the fundamental mission highlighting an individual from the Scions.

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Patch 6.15 additionally permits players to see the following section in the Hildibrand story, as well as gain the appreciation of the Arkasodara Tribe. Omega: Beyond the Rift additionally proceeds with a story began in Stormblood. Crafters and finders will track down the Custom Delivery NPC Ameliance Leveilleur a valuable undertaking as well.

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