Wordle #318 Hints and Answer for Tuesday, May 3


While we may not see as many yellow and green squares flooding our Twitter timetables, Wordle is still kicking. Nearly 300 words later, the English language some way or another has more five-letter words. Assuming you feel like that well of information is drying up for you, we take care of you. Here are a few clues as well as the solution for Wordle 318 (Tuesday, May 3).

Hints for Wordle May 3

Here are a few clues to kick you off for the present Wordle:

  • This word is an adjective.
  • This word is utilized to portray an extreme and unsafe situation.
  • It is additionally used to depict individuals who seem to be Hagrid from the Harry Potter series.
  • The word contains 2, actually 3 vowels (assuming you believe Y to be a vowel).
  • This word is a homophone, yet with names.
  • The word has no rehashing letters.

Today’s Wordle 318 Answer

If the present clues didn’t do the trick, the response for now is recorded below.


The reply to the May 3 Wordle is HAIRY.

How Does Wordle Work?

Wordle is a famous word-speculating game gained by the New York Times. You need to figure a five-letter word which will then, at that point, be decided to perceive how precise you are in getting the genuine word the game is looking for.

When you surmise a word, each letter will be featured in three distinct tones. Assuming you get grey letters, that implies that those won’t show up in that frame of mind of the day. Letters in yellow implies that you got the right letters, however are not in the right situating for the word. Letters in green mean you got the letter right and in the right position.

The ideal method for playing is to utilize your initial two suppositions to preclude all vowels. Utilizing beginning words like AUDIO, PIOUS, or ADIEU are famous decisions. These models explicitly preclude 4 of the 5 commonplace vowels utilized in the English letters in order. From that point, you need to do whatever it takes not to utilize letters that were grayed out.

You likewise can’t utilize irregular hogwash to get rid of the more special letters like Q,X, and Z. The words you put in really need to exist. On the off chance that you feel this game probably won’t be your favorite, there are several other Wordle alternatives out there going from specialist speculating specialties and more.

You can play Wordle presently on a cell phone or a PC by means of the New York Times’ website.

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