Last Fantasy 6 remaster hit with shock delay

The Final Fantasy 6 remaster from Square Enix’s Pixel Remaster Collection has been postponed to the following year. The game will presently send off in February 2022.

Many fans were most likely wanting to replay the milestone JRPG over the bubbly time frame. Last Fantasy and its two continuations were remastered in late July 2021, with Final Fantasy 4 and 5 delivered only months after.


Each game has had its 2D pixel illustrations totally remastered for certain elaborate changes, directed by series veterans. These renditions likewise accompany UI and interactivity improvements.

Final Fantasy 6 Remake should be the next game in the series

Here Square Enix needs to say about the Final Fantasy 6 delay:

In request to present to you the most ideal experience, we’re giving ourselves the fundamental opportunity to apply last clean while completing advancement on the game.

We’re adding a few new things for those that pre-buy either the game separately, or have bought the bundle.
We’re anticipating sharing the last title in our pixel remaster series with you all right on time one year from now and we trust you’re anticipating it.

Right now, the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Collection has just been delivered on PC and cell phones. Normally, there have been a lot of fans clamoring for console ports, particularly for the Nintendo Switch. In any case, Square has given no sign that these games will send off on other platforms.

For the people who have never played FF6 – or even seen it in real life – it’s a strange game even by Final Fantasy norms, dialing up each part of the cherished JRPG regarding story, show, and improved gameplay.

An ideal change for Final Fantasy 6 would see the turn-based battle would remain, yet for certain cutting edge thrives. FF6’s fight framework actually holds up yet certain angles could be smoothed out, extended, and accelerated. It would likewise allow the engineers an opportunity to rebalance certain characters, making a portion of the more fragile, less famous party individuals more viable.

The video above shows a fan idea for what a Final Fantasy 6 change could look like.

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