Last Fantasy 7 celebrates 25th commemoration, new undertakings coming

Final Fantasy 7 is currently 25 years of age, having sent off in Japan on January 31, 1997, for the first PlayStation. It’s a major achievement for what is broadly seeing as the unequaled best JRPG, also one of the most compelling computer games of all.

If you were expecting a report on Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 today, then you’re out of fortunate except if Square Enix hits fans with a last-minute shock. In the midst of the 25th commemoration festivities we’ve seen new work of art and logos, as seen below.


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Instead of the notable meteor, we see Cloud, Sephiroth, and Zack, this reconsidered logo better depicting how Final Fantasy 7 has kept on extending past the first game. Throughout the long term we’ve seen a lot of side projects and tie-in media, Final Fantasy 7 Remake denoting another period for what has now turned into its own universe inside the Final Fantasy series.

There be no information on Remake Part 2 however maker Yishinori Kitase and character planned, Tetsuya Nomura, have left fans with a birthday message.

Thanking fans for their proceeded with help throughout the long term, the two Final Fantasy legends don’t part with a lot however affirm that significantly more FF7 projects are in the works.

Continuing on from the arrival of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier has additionally now opened for administration and next we have Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis standing ready too.

And there will be much more new FFVII projects that fired up after the change coming in future too.

For those unaware of what’s going on, The First Soldier is Square Enix’s versatile fight royale shooter set in the FF7 universe. While it seems like an apathetic money get, the game really holds up beautiful well. In 2022, we ought to likewise see the arrival of Ever Crisis, a singleplayer portable JRPG that will integrate Final Fantasy 7 Remake and different stories from the more extensive compilation.

Of course, what we’re generally anxious to find out about is Remake Part 2. We won’t address spoilers however the cliffhanger we were left on proposes that Square might be requiring this second portion in an intense direction.


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