Last Fantasy VII The First Soldier balance changes coming

Square Enix has reported that Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier will be likely to adjust changes as a component of a new update.


Developer Ateam has been paying attention to player criticism, promising that upgrades are on the way one week from now with a temporary delivery date of December 13, 2021.

This isn’t to be mistaken for Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier update 1.0.2 which as of late dropped, adding new elements and making different bug fixes. Here’s more on what’s in store next week:

  • Adjustment to the Chocobo kick
  • Adjustment to the force of sharpshooter rifles
  • Adjustments to specific Materia
  • Adjustments to specific monsters

We are likewise dealing with other equilibrium changes, bug fixes, and acclimations to character development. We will give normal updates with respect to advance, so kindly make a point to inquire here routinely for the most recent info.

Those playing First Soldier can now plunge into its very first Holiday Event. From this point until December 28. 2021, players can take on merry themed missions while watching the war zone. You’ll be entrusted with brightening trees around the guide to get secret boxes loaded down with gifts. These incorporate a scope of snowy restorative things with other stuff and skins being sold on the in-game marketplace.

Announced earlier this year close by one more Final Fantasy VII title for portable, The First Soldier didn’t get the hottest gathering among fans. So not long after 2020’s great Final Fantasy VII Remake, there were concerns that FF7 fatigue could set in prematurely as Square Enix keeps on inclining toward the wistfulness of fans.

With that said, Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier holds up amazingly well. In reality as we know it where so many fight royale shooters have showed up just to disappear months after the fact, Square’s dropkick at the class is both tomfoolery and creative. It utilizes resources and areas from FF7 Remake, producing them together to make an interwoven landmark in which players set free spells and a hail of bullets.

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