Landmark Valley: Panoramic Collection goes widescreen on PC in July

Monument Valley is coming to PC, ustwo games has reported, with the Monument Valley: Panoramic Collection sending off on Steam on twelfth July.


Both Monument Valley games were initially delivered solely on cell phone, and planned particularly with portable gaming, contact and motions as a top priority. Every one of that changes while pondering how to game on PC, and ustwo games has needed to overhaul the game’s controls and contributions, while protecting the soul of the originals.

But that is currently what you will have seen from the mystery trailer. Landmark Valley and its continuation are both played in representation mode on cell phone, yet for the PC discharge, ustwo games has widened your view into the world, making it widescreen.

Here’s ustwo going in the background with the game’s redesignd inputs and visuals.

The unique game was generally applauded and acclaimed when it previously delivered in 2014, winning innumerable honors for it visual style and natural confusing. You investigate this isometric world, directing Princess Ida through labyrinths of optical deceptions and inconceivable articles, while controlling the world with the goal that she can arrive at different stages. The spin-off expands on this with two characters, Ro and her kid, that you really want to direct through the world. The two games have gotten various updates and extra levels throughout the long term, which will all be remembered for Monument Valley PC at launch.

Quite ignorant about exactly how enormous Monument Valley would be, Blair wrote of the original that “Monument Valley feels like a breath of fresh air. […] It’s a clean, sublime experience which definitely shouldn’t be missed on tablets and is really worth considering on mobile devices too.”

As extensively available as these games are on versatile – and modest – it’s perfect to see them coming to another stage, and this opens up trusts that we could one day see the games coming to PlayStation, Xbox and Switch in future. No word on that today, though.

While a portion of the group has been dealing with this port to PC, one more piece of ustwo has been working diligently on another spin-off. It was affirmed as far as possible back in 2019 that Monument Valley 3 is in the works. Obviously, the two or three years have been somewhat trying, yet we can keep our fingers crossed to hear more about this soon.

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