Activision Blizzard advises investors to cast a ballot against a report on provocation and separation

The Activision Blizzard board has requested that investors vote against a proposition which would have made a yearly report on badgering and segregation inside the organization. The report, proposed by New York state, would show:

  • The “total number of pending sexual abuse, harassment or discrimination complaints the company is seeking to resolve.”
  • The measure of cash that used to settle claims.
  • The number of remarkable cases.

“The Board believes that, rather than diverting energy and resources toward creating yet another report, we should continue to directly respond to employee concerns,” said Activision Blizzard in a filing.


Activision is broadly a little independent distributer with ten staff and clearly can’t bear to give one individual the week or so that would be expected to make that report. Hold on, they’re not, they’re an enormous organization with large number of staff and billions of benefit so could without much of a stretch extra the assets required.

A second movement, which would add another AFL-CIO endorser to the Activision Blizzard board who might be decided on by the staff of the organization, has likewise been dismissed as it would “side-step its own selection process for qualified board members.” Well that is convenient. Perhaps you change the process?

The vote on the recommendations will happen during Activision’s yearly gathering on June 21st, maybe the investors will have more upright obligation that the Activision Blizzard and disregard the exhortation to cast a ballot against the proposals.

Activision Blizzard is at present during the time spent being offered to Microsoft and recently an incredible 98% of Activision Blizzard shares have supported the proposed $68.7 billion buyout.  However, there are as yet various legitimate circles that should be gone through and the deal will not be finished until the following year. Microsoft will have some impact yet as of right now they can’t step in and box the ears of the Activision Board and advise them to do the right thing.

Source: Axios


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